call tracking softwareDo you know that call tracking software can be an irreplaceable tool for your business? Furthermore, it may actually improve your marketing campaigns and help you earn more. If the term “phone tracking software” means nothing for you, but your business is related to selling products, it is high time to learn what it means. Just imagine the situation: your customer is calling, this person is ready to collaborate with you, buy anything from your company. Unfortunately, you don’t even guess where he found the data about your business, and what type of ad, from local or international resources, really worked.

You may even spend lots of time and efforts on pay-per-clicks campaigns, postcards, and creation of the content for your website. Still, nothing but phone tracking applications can give you better knowledge about the work of your site and the company itself. You may just start developing your business and work on analytics or marketing campaigns. Or maybe, you are already the owner of a big and powerful corporation. Software for tracking conversations can work for you. Thus, let’s get into the details of this term and analyze the top call tracking software for monitoring calls. You should try to determine which one will be better for you.

What is Call Tracking?

Call Tracking Software Phone tracking software is a specific application allowing you to keep tabs on the inbound or outgoing calls of your company. The program records the phone conversations and allows you to track which marketing campaign generates the major part of all calls.

According to the statistics data:

  • More than 60% of mobile searches results in a call;
  • More than 65% of all companies consider that the major part of their clients come from the phone calls.

You may have an awesome online store, offering numbers of goods, professional management team, and round-the-clock online support. But the truth is that before making any purchase, each person wants to talk to a human being to ensure that the chosen product is splendid.

The overarching goal of phone tracking applications is to help you learn what advertising campaigns actually work. For instance, you are using several campaigns for the advertisement of your business. They can be:

  • Radio advertising;
  • PPC ads;
  • Billboard ads.

So, the phone call tracking software can help you to find out which campaign is strong and which one generates the major part of all calls.

What will You Get Using Call Tracking Software?

call tracking softwareEach person wants to know what solutions one or another application offers before installing it. In the majority of instances, companies use different robust analytics systems, displaying the information about how many people visit their website. Still, such systems don’t provide you with the fullest information. You will not see the number of clients who pick up their mobile phones and try to get in touch with you.

By the implementation of phone tracking software into the development of your business, you will get the following:

  • Determine the effectiveness of a particular campaign. Find out which channel is driving the significant part of consumers.
  • Attribute the leads. It means that programs for tracking can easily associate the phone calls to their primary sources.
  • You can save cash. When you know how your potential customers come to your store, you will stop spending money and efforts on ineffective campaigns.
  • It allows you to check the level of the offered customer service. You may have a big team of employees, leading hundreds of conversations each day, but you can’t check the degree of their work. Call tracking software records each phone call, allowing you to listen to it when it is convenient for you.
  • Integration with other instruments. Frequently, you can use call tracking programs with such tools as Salesforce or Google Analytics.

So, now it is high time to analyze the best software products you can use for tracking phone calls.

The Best Apps for Tracking

Call Tracking Software Below, we publish the information about the best apps for tracking conversations that you can use for making your businesses more profitable:

  • Invoca. Through the use of this intelligence platform, users will get reports about granular campaign attribution. You will analyze why clients are calling you and will have an opportunity to listen to every conversation.
  • CTMetrics. It is not just an ordinary phone tracking software. It integrates with different business phone systems, offering you an opportunity to enhance the inbound lead response.
  • Call Box. The prime objective of this app is to learn which campaigns generate the major part of all calls. Besides, you will learn how your staff is working with the pool of your customers.
  • ActiveDemand. It is a high-quality marketing platform, which is not only tracking calls but is endowed with a plethora of other options too. Through the use of this app, you can learn useful information about email campaigns, landing pages, etc. The prime objective of this software is to cater for the needs of multi-content account management.
  • Retriever. Very often to find out the necessary information people are made to use different channels. The app will travel with you, providing plenty of useful solutions, ranging from the data package to ensure that you understand your customers.

Final Thoughts

Of course, except for these tracking apps, there are many other ones. Via browsing the web, you will see many solutions. You just need to choose the one which fits your requirements. Except for tracking conversations, they have many other features that will be useful for you. Furthermore, to start using them, there is no need to learn how to do it. Such software products are very simple in operating. Besides, you will finally learn what advertising campaigns are effective in your particular case.

Maybe you are the one, who is already using such applications and can give valuable pieces of advice to our audience. We are always glad to hear from our readers who can provide useful information. So, you are welcome! Write your comments below the text and help other readers to find the best business solution.


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