find hidden appsModern technology creates a great number of apps for smartphones and computers with every new day. And, unfortunately, some of these apps are inappropriate for our children. Modern parents struggle with those secrets our kids have. And now we also should find hidden apps. What are those apps and how you can find it we will tell you in this article.

Suspicious kids’ behaviors

Here we will teach you how to understand your child is hiding something from you. Of course, they also should have their personal space. But in case you get to notice some of those behaviors, you can start worrying. So, check your kid’s phone if he:

  • Turns off the screen of the mobile device when you are near.
  • Sets passwords and refuses to tell it to you.
  • Spends more time using the smartphone or tablet as new hidden programs take more time to get used to.

Beware These Apps

find hidden appsSo, you suspect your kid in hiding some particular apps on his or her phone. Well, first of all, let’s find out what apps you should be afraid of. Most of them are not too dangerous, but still, a parent should have access to those apps if a kid is in his minor age.

  • Yik Yak– This app is, probably, the newest one on our list. It is already forbidden in all schools. So, what purpose this app has and why kids use it? Well, its main purpose is to chat with the closest, as they call themselves, Yakkers. The main thing of the app is about its GPS tracking functions and ability to post short posts with about 200 characters. Why do parents should block it? Kids mostly use this app to post sexually explicit and abusive twits anonymously.
  • Down– Here is another anonymous’ favorite app on our list. It’s official claim sounds like that “The anonymous, simple, fun way to find friends who are down for the night.” Well, nothing too special you said. But what dear parents will say that kids organize parties and meetings via this program calling it “Bang with Friends.” It works through Facebook.
  • Omegle– Soon you will understand that children like to stay anonymous. And Omegle is the app that allows users to video chat with each other anonymously. Like Down, it also works through Facebook. The app connects you with someone who has the same interests as you. And yes, it is the place where sexual predators feel themselves very comfortable, and your son or daughter can become a victim easily.
  • Whisper – Don’t let this nice name to mislead you. It was this exact app that caused a horrible case which happened just a few years ago. The 12-years-old girl was raped by a man, and she met him while chatting in this exact app. Kids use this app to tell their secrets anonymously, of course. But all the posts spread in the area you are posting from.
  • KiK Messenger – It is the last dangerous messenger on our list. It is completely unseen for the parents or other people. It is almost impossible to identify the name or address of the sender, and that is why kids under 18 use it massively. And that is why sexual predators use it to find their victims.

How to Find Hidden Apps

find hidden appsSo, first of all, you need to identify if your kid is really using any of those dangerous apps on his or her smartphone. There are few ways to do that. And the most effective one is to use other apps that will detect hidden programs or track all actions on your kid’s phone. Most of these apps are so-called parental control tools and here are several most popular of them:

XNSPY – This program is very easy to use, and you will learn it very fast even if you have never used any spy apps before. All the functions here are very basic. Everything works around keylogging function. This software will track all the actions your kid performs through his mobile device. You will be able to see all the messages he received or sent. Besides that, even deleted or hidden messages will be available for your view.

Norton Family Premier – Another powerful spy tool especially popular among parents all over the world. The set of its features is quite impressive and definitely can help you to find hidden apps on your child’s device. It works perfectly with Android phones and tablets. It will show you all messages your kid received or sent and identify what apps were used for chatting.

SpyEra – One of the most popular parental control apps on the modern market. People often use it also as a family locator due to its fantastic GPS location tracker function. Sometimes users even successfully catch their cheating spouses with the help of SpyEra.

Anyway, all those spying apps can be used for a wide range of purposes. While helping you to find hidden apps on your kid’s mobile phone, spy software also provides you with such helpful features:

  • Incoming and outgoing calls logging
  • All types of messages viewing
  • Tracking GPS location
  • Recording web browser history
  • Access to all apps installed on the target device
  • Blocking inappropriate content and programs

Also, there are situations when a kid uses the unknown or unidentified app and not hides it from anybody. In such case, you just need to Google the name of the hidden program and learn more about it before you will delete it.

But still, the most effective way to find out if your child is hiding any of his or her activity for you is to use a tracking app. Even if there are no hidden apps, a kid can constantly delete his browser history and all the messages. A spying app will track all those points with no risk to lose anything important.


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