rooted phoneThe appearance of too many dangerous apps for a phone has created a demand for the counterattacks. Users who become the victims of such software wonder is there is a corresponding vaccine to identify a rooted device. Android users want to know how to find out whether the target phone is rooted without any threats.

Possible Barriers on User’s Way

It is much easier to install an app from the Google Store to know which mobile is rooted. The developers don’t want us to be able to examine if the Android phone is rooted all alone. Be ready to face some obstacles unless you’re a superuser.

Give It a Try with Free Options

rooted phone

  • Download the available program which monitors root access to your phone. Install one at a time. You can set up them easily and quickly. Lack of root permissions means that you don’t have the app installed on your Android device. You need to open the program after downloading to your mobile.
  • You will need a root checker app. Go to Google Play store to download a free one. Follow the instructions carefully to see if the target Android mobile device is rooted.

Search for the terminal. Find one at the Play Store. Open your choice and type in the word “su” and press return. A dialogue asking for permissions to run as a root often pops up. Accept this root request to check the system without any obstacles. In case the login prompt is modified (from $ to #), we can congratulate you! Now you are a phone superuser. The best thing is that you can follow these steps through ADB from your PC to root anything.


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