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For those of you who need to know how to hack into an iPhone, there are some things you must know before trying to hack an iPhone passcode using the latest iOS 13. After all, there’s no point in trying to hack into earlier versions. The latest statistics from Apple state that over 50% of all iPhones use iOS 13 currently. And this number can only be expected to grow.

Is it Possible To Hack An iPhone On iOS 13?

Of course, it is possible to hack into iOS 13;it has its vulnerabilities and flaws. But the question arises, why would you want to hack into an iPhone? If you think about it, there can be many reasons for you wanting to know how to hack into someone’s iPhone.

One of the first and most important reasons that you may want to hack into an iPhone is to prevent data leak in case your phone is stolen. In the event of a stolen iPhone, the thief may bypass your phone passcode and steal your data. In such cases, it would be prudent to know how to hack an iPhone remotely and wipe your data.

Another reason that you may want to hack into an iPhone is that you need to keep a watch on your children. Kids nowadays have round-the-clock access to phones and the internet, and as a result, they can be exposed to a host of online threats. In such cases, you may want to know how to hack into their phone to keep an eye on your children’s online activities and ensure that their safety is not compromised.

Finally, one of the most important reasons to know how to hack into an iPhone is the fact that you might want to keep an eye on your spouse, just in case you suspect them of cheating. If they use an iPhone, hacking software to monitor their online communications and iMessage interactions can be helpful.

Apart from the above, if you are an iPhone user, it pays to know about bugs in the OS, such as using third-party keyboards, which allow infiltrators and hackers to perform online attacks and get access to different functions.

What About Hacking iOS 12? Methods That Don’t Work Anymore

But how to hack into an iPhone that uses iOS 12, e.g., iPhone 6, 6s, 7? There used to be many methods that could be applied for hacking an iPhone with iOS 12. Some of these are discussed below under separate heads.

iPhone 6 desktop

Resetting Password Using iTunes

This used to be one of the best methods for resetting iPhone passwords. It also gave you an answer to the question of how to hack an iPhone from a computer. The method was simple: you had to use the PC iTunes account to synchronize the phone. You needed to do this by connecting the phone with the PC via a tap cable and click on the Recovery Mode Icon. After doing so, when you receive the recovery message, you needed to press OK and click the “Restore iPhone” option.

Using Spyware

In case you were in need of bypass iPhone passcode or required to know how to hack an iPhone without knowing the password, then this was the way to go. Using a spyware application, you could easily monitor the device remotely without the user being aware of it. You could also track all phone activity and even record conversations or spy on the surroundings.

Using Forensics Software

This used to be another method of how to bypass iPhone screentime restrictions with iOS 12/13. Using forensics hacking software to hack into an iPhone used to be easy. It is not so anymore, for reasons we shall soon discover.

Using iCloud Backup

This was yet another way of how to hack into an iPhone with another phone. By using someone’s Apple credentials, you could easily hack into the details of their device through iCloud.

Using System Restore

Although this method would remove all existing data from the iPhone, it was an excellent method to hack iPhone passcode and unlock and use the iPhone. Thieves could use this method after stealing your device.

Using Siri

Surprisingly, Siri could also be used to bypass the iPhone security measures and hack into the phone, be it iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone 11.

None of these methods are viable anymore because Apple has actually patched or updated their iOS to ensure that unscrupulous players cannot take advantage of these methods and hack into your iPhone. While this does ensure the security of your device, it also prevents you from using these methods in case you forget your password, or for some other legitimate reason.

The Only Way To Hack Into An iPhone On iOS 13 And Older

So now you know that hacking an iPhone without touching it is not an easy task. But the question of how to hack into an iPhone can be easily answered with iPhone hacking apps like mSpy.

girl snooping on friend's phone

mSpy is one of the best ways of how to hack into an iPhone remotely. The mSpy app allows the user to track multiple aspects of the target iPhone from any other computing device connected to the internet. And all this can be done without alerting the target to any aspect of the fact.

To use mSpy, simply download the app onto the target iPhone and purchase the subscription plan that best suits your needs. Once your payment is complete, you’ll be given access to your mSpy credentials using which you can easily log onto the mSpy control panel from any internet-connected device.

From the mSpy panel, you can monitor all aspects of the target iPhone, such as monitoring voice and text messages, social media activity, the location of the person, and even access call logs and web history of the device.

The mSpy app allows you to take complete control of the target iPhone. And the best part is that this works not only for iOS 13, but iOS 12 and even the older versions. Using mSpy, now you no longer have to worry about how to hack an iPhone to read text messages.

Another advantage of using mSpy or other hacking applications to hack into an iPhone is that unlike other free methods that purport to help you but actually try and steal your personal information, mSpy is one hundred percent legit and works on all versions of the iOS. Find out more in our comprehensive mSpy review.

Final Words

So, no need to wonder how to hack into someone’s iPhone anymore! Just download the mSpy app and get monitoring. This is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your children and loved ones. Also, it can help employers to track truant employees and keep tabs on whether people are really where they say they are.

No more searching or puzzling over iOS hacks! Just download mSpy today and get tracking!


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