highster-largeHighster Mobile is so-called specific software for modern devices that can efficiently monitor any cell phone. In fact, a lot of people still can’t imagine that spying on mobile phones is the reality today, and they can do it without any help. In this article, we will highlight primary features of hugely popular spy app Highster Mobile and explain how you can use it to make your life more comfortable.

New Features of Highster Mobile Phone Tracker

highster mobile packageConcerning technology, it is usually aimed to solve plenty of our daily issues. The need to be the part of society and communicate with each other is the aspect of life which people can’t ignore. We need to keep in touch with relatives, children, neighbors, colleagues and this list may have no end. The excellent option is to monitor the lives of others with various apps, but sometimes people may know about these actions. And what if you need to be unknown? Which service can help you to learn some facts and avoid a capture?

The modern technology offers us to use excellent spying software for Android and other devices called Highster Mobile. It was developed due to the latest innovations by the most educated and experienced programmers. The monitoring cell phone user can’t detect it because the app runs on its background. So, you will track its activity anonymously.

The main distinguish feature is that you may choose how to get the required information. This mobile app supports lots of different formats. Therefore, collected information can be sent back to your cell phone or PC.

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What Can I Do With Highster Mobile?

highster mobile spy dashboard

  • Get the pieces of information about all text messages. All the messages which are received or sent from the monitored phone will be forwarded to the online control panel for users. It is a convenient way to view these messages and read logs. You may also pick the specific function and receive the information on your phone.
  • Get the photo and video materials. All the videos and pictures which have been recorded by the tracking phone can be transferred to your email. Mention this address when installing the app.
  • Get the full data about the user’s location. Thanks to the GPS feature, the phone with GPS can be tracked, and that is why it updates the site info every 10 seconds.
  • Good compatibility. The Highster Mobile is available for any OS such as Blackberry, Android, IOS, Windows Mobile, Samsung, LG, and other phones. Here is the vast array of supported phones: iPhone, Verizon, Spirit, Virgin, T-mobile and other phones.

Reasons to Use Highster Mobile

  • For heedful parents. It is an efficient way for parents who want to ensure security for their children from troubles, harm and other kinds of evil influence. The truth is that lots of parents who even found out that their kids were involved in the cases with drugs. It is crucial to prepare yourself for anything and use any possibility to explore more hidden facts about the private life of your child.
  • For employers. This application can help in discouraging the employees who make personal calls during the working day. In this situation, the company can lose some money, but chiefs will know who works hard and who makes personal calls or how many times.
  • For inquiry agents. Of course, Highster Mobile can be used by people who lead the investigation of murder, theft, crashes and other.
  • For suspicious spouses. If you have some doubt about the sincerity of the person you love, try to set up Highster Mobile on her or his device and keep abreast of its activity.

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Some Extra Pieces of Information

highster-mobile-appFirstly, we have to mention that the person who uses this app will get the information anyway. Installed on the phone Highster app will capture all outgoing and incoming messages and send them from the monitored cell phone even when the call logs or messages were removed from the target tablet or phone immediately. The app continues to make all tasks without breakings and pauses.

Of course, people who want to use Highster app are interested if the user of monitored device knows about the spying process. Of course, the answer is no. There is no information about the time when it has been installed. Also, this app has a nice and unclear title. The person you track won’t have the opportunity to figure out what it means.

It won’t create any difficulties if the device user decides to change the number. Highster Mobile keeps function when the number changes. There is no need to uninstall Highster Mobile and download it repeatedly.

As for the location of the spying phone, it is displayed on the real time map. This option is available due to GPS feature with integral Google Maps, which can give the accuracy and unparalleled ease of using.

One more benefit for users is that there is no limit, so you can monitor as many mobile phones as you want. You have to notice that you must purchase another license for tracking one more device. By the way, each license can be used on the compatible phone while you need this option. Even in case you change the phone number, the application still works and functions. You don’t have to apply extra efforts and reinstall Highster Mobile app.

Steps to Install and Activate Highster Mobile Tracker

5-stepsHere are a few methods to install the app. Just choose the most appropriate one.

  • Bluetooth connection.
  • OTA links that the user types into the web browser of the phone.
  • Use USB cable and transfer required files from the personal computer or laptop to the phone.
  • Install Highster Mobile on the phone due to a QR code scanning.

Besides, the installation of Highster app takes less than 10 minutes.


Our review proves that Highster Mobile app has numerous useful features and functions and does its job well. If you search for a decent spy program with a package of practical options, you may pick it without any doubts.


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