Deleted MessagesFor a great number of cell phones users, this question might seem weird. But those who know about existence and power of spy apps, it is very clear that a third person can read all your texts and even deleted messages without recovering them.

Who Can Read Your Deleted Messages

Well, unfortunately, these days no one is totally safe from text monitoring applications. Any cell phone can be easily hacked as spyware these days became more powerful than it was even a few years ago. And the most powerful messages tracking applications are able to track even deleted messages and other texts. The person who is spying on you does not even need to recover those messages to read them from his computer or another device.

Modern messages spying applications have a wide list of features, and some of them work with deleted information. Messages are not alone in this list. We are talking about:

  • Web browser history
  • GPS location markers
  • Passwords
  • Notes

So, the only way for someone to read your deleted messages and texts is to hack your phone with a keylogger. There is no other way. And to avoid such kind situations, you should detect a spy application on your mobile device.

How to detect a spy app?

Deleted MessagesModern text monitoring apps are tough and complicated programs that can track any action on your device without any traces and recovers. Even the most powerful antivirus tools are almost powerless in detecting such applications. The only way for you to identify a spyware is to be attentive and believe your instincts. So, every time you have doubts about your phone being hacked by someone, check these simple signs:

  • Unexpected changes
  • Often too hot battery
  • Battery is running down too fast
  • Sudden shutdowns
  • Messages with unusual and senseless text
  • Background noise and clicking

These signs are common for various mobile phones behaviour, especially the old ones. But, it is the only way to identify a spying app. If there is one on your gadget, you can be sure someone is reading your text messages, even deleted ones. You can find more info about spyware on our website.


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