ikeymonitorIn the modern world, security is a required part of life. Parents want to protect their children, business owners try to keep in secret insider information, and no one wants to apply extra efforts to achieve these standard goals. Luckily, we can use technological inventions that meet our demanding requirements. Spy software is one of them.

The spying apps and keyloggers give us numerous benefits and options to simplify our everyday life. Among other proper applications, we can highlight the top-notch spying program that is called iKeyMonitor. Software developers worked hard and implemented plenty of useful functions in this keylogger. We’ll try to mention all of them and describe the excellent features of iKeyMonitor app in details.

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How Can You Use iKeyMonitor?

parental-kidsThis spy application provides high-quality and useful features for various purposes.

  • Personal use. Nowadays, teens are addicted to Internet and online communication. They start to use different devices like mobile phones or tablets too early, and sometimes it can cause some issues and even danger situations. One of the most effective ways to secure your children is a using of spy software. Spy programs like iKeyMonitor keylogger allow you to track and control activities of kids without a possibility to be captured. You will know where they are right now, what information they search on the Internet, who are their friends in social networks and what are the major subjects of their conversations. IKeyMonitor is worth of more detailed presentation because it gives you even more useful options. We will mention them below the text.
  • Business use. People who run business also will find plenty of advantages in using of spy apps. Sometimes it is hard to control what your employees do during the working day. They can just chat in one of the popular instant messengers with friends or even send confidential information to your competitors while you think they communicate with potential clients. IKeyMonitor keylogger can help in this case and prevent numerous issues.

Essential Spying Functions Of iKeyMonitor Keylogger

ikeymonitor-screen1IKeyMonitor keylogger provides plenty of useful and popular spy features. It allows users to be aware of movements, social media activity, visited websites, installed programs, and calling activity of target mobile phone. Let’s explore iKeyMonitor keylogger opportunities more detailed.

  • Calls and text messages logs. You will know everything about received and sent messages to the tracked device. You will get it on your email address. The keylogger provides full information including names and phone numbers of senders and recipients. Even voice messages won’t be a secret anymore. IKeyMonitor efficiently records and saves WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, WeChat, QQ and other chats. This option is available on iPhone and iPad devices.
  • GPS tracking. With iKeyMonitor keylogger, you will be aware of the target cell phone location and will see the required information on the online map.
  • Social media. Complete logs of social media activity will be sent to your email. You will get full data about chats and other activity of tracked mobile phone on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, for instance.
  • Web activity. This keylogger lets you monitor and control visited websites. This option is valuable for parents who need to know which websites their children visit and be sure that they don’t contain forbidden data that can be harmful to young people. It is a great thing to receive logs with full information about online actions of the target mobile phone.

Why Does iKeyMonitor Outstand Among Other Spy Apps?

ikeymonitor-1Except for more traditional options that are standard for different tracking apps, you may use exceptional features of iKeyMonitor keylogger. We offer you to learn more information about them.

  • Unique keystrokes record option. With iKeyMonitor, you will get data about all typed keystrokes including passwords on the target phone. No matter, if the password is hidden, you will be able to see the typed letters in any case. Moreover, you will get the names of applications where they were entered. It includes even copied and pasted data.
  • App blocker with a time limit. This feature allows you to block any unwanted program or website. You also can mention time limits and other needed information.
  • Screenshot capture. It is an excellent option to be aware of phone user activity anytime you need. Just specify for the keylogger a period to make screenshots and receive pictures of a target device, including email, Instagram, WeChat, Snapchat and other apps.
  • FTP storing option. You may also receive all logs from iKeyMonitor keylogger to your FTP (iOS system only). It gives you additional opportunities, such as getting access to data from different devices, like a mobile phone or computer.

More Benefits Of iKeyMonitor

ikeymonitor-featuresThe iKeyMonitor company provides the highest level of security and stealth compatibility. You can be sure that your monitoring campaign will be absolutely anonymous and undetectable for a user of target cell phone. It doesn’t leave any information about its presence in the tracked device. This software is available on the most popular devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android phones or tablets. But remember that iOS devices must be jailbroken.

The company guarantees the excellent support service and is available for customers in different countries around the globe. Ask your question and receive the comprehensive answer just in a few minutes via online chat. IKeyMonitor developers worked hard to make the installation process as simple as possible and create a user-friendly design for this keylogger.

Therefore, you may find numerous positive reviews of satisfied clients. You can be convinced that this spy program has the highest quality because the company gives you a free trial and money back guarantee. If you still hesitate to purchase it or not, try this option and make the right decision.


It is evident that iKeyMonitor has plenty of outstanding spying options which are crucial for demanding customers. This software was created for people who appreciate the top-notch products and want to use only high-quality applications and other products. The keylogger gives numerous opportunities for your private and business life. Just choose what is the most important to you, and try to use this software in your daily lives.

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