keyloggersThere are lots of skeptics about keylogger software and installing it on your smartphone or computer. Some people are actually scared when they see a keylogger running on their device. Such software often associates with spying and something illegal.

A typical user is afraid to lose his or her personal data and private information that can cost them not only reputation but great sums of money too. It is known that keylogger can log your passwords from accounts and credit cards and send them to a root device. But one should remember that such software can work for good too, and in the modern world, there is a bigger spectrum of purposes for a keylogger.

So, this software is more about safety, monitoring, and awareness than fear, robbery, and criminal. There are lots of applications for Windows or any other operating systems that can deal with multiple tasks besides standard keylogger option. So, what is a keylogger software and how can we use it for our own legal purposes? This is a piece of software or even a separate device that logs keystrokes and deals with a wider range of tasks depending on its type and level.

First keyloggers were very simple and connected to keyboards to log keystrokes only. Nowadays touchscreens made a revolution and keylogger adapted to new rules of the game and internet usage too.

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Purpose of keylogger

keyloggerSo you have decided to install a keylogger on your computer or smartphone. What is the reason? There are few main ones that push users from all over the world to get their software for monitoring. Even if you do not want to install it now, you should know how it can help you in future. Besides that, most of these applications work in hidden mode, and you possibly have such software on your own device right now. So it is always good to know why someone tracks you.

  • First of all, users want to control their devices when they are out of touch at the moment. For example, it is easier to find your device if it was stolen;
  • The second popular reason to install such software is a desire to track kid’s location;
  • Also, companies sometimes want to monitor their corporate devices that are used by employees. Company-owned devices should be used for working purposes only;
  • Parents want not only track GPS locations of their children, but most of them also want to protect kids from any adult and offensive content. With the help of a keylogger, it is possible to monitor kid’s online activity anytime and anywhere.

Best keyloggers list

  1. Pumpic Keylogger


This software is extremely popular among parents. It has a great selection of monitoring capabilities that fits parental needs. First of all, it is about protection from cyberbullying and sexting. But this software controls both sides of the conversation for these points, so you will easily know who started first, your child or somebody else.

Of course, Pumpic provides its users with keylogger feature, but there is no option that can make it invisible for the target device. You can get all the information about GPS location, SMS, browser history, but the owner of the device will be aware of monitoring actions. All the information that was logged will be sent to the control panel. Also, this software is very versatile. It provides such options as a remote control, device locking, and geofences.

  1. iKeyMonitor


If you want to control not only your children but also your partner, this software would be the right choice for you. The user is able to read all the messages including SMS, Viber, Facebook, etc. The log of calls is available too. If you want to know where exactly your spouse is at the moment, you can easily check it by the GPS tracking feature.

This option is also very helpful if you lost your cell phone or it was stolen. All the results of the monitoring will be sent to your email. Besides, this software is available with a rich language pack.

  1. KidLogger


This is one of the most popular keylogger programs you can find online. The main trick about it is the reaction to triggers. For example, you can set options for words like “sex” or “drugs” and the software will block them constantly. Besides that, this keylogger is able to take screenshots. So when your kid types some of the triggered words, you receive a screenshot of the action on your email immediately. What is more, this application is totally invisible for the target device. All you need to do is just to set undetectable mode in options. Also, there are two versions of the software available – free and paid PRO version.

  1. FlexiSpy


The name of the software speaks for itself. This is a spying application, and a keylogger is just one point of the long feature list. This program offers a wide range of options such as logs for SMS, MMS, and calls, monitoring of the social networks and emails. Besides, with the help of FlexiSpy, you will have an opportunity to lock your phone remotely. Geofencing feature became very popular nowadays, and this app has it available too. Even its high price will get really reasonable when you use the recording feature from the Extreme package. The phone records not only calls but surrounding sounds with no signs to the owner.

  1. Refog Keylogger


The last in our list is the software that will monitor your computer. Any action via your computer will be shown to you with this keylogger. This is a perfect solution for home usage and parental control. It is very user-friendly and does not require any special skills for installation and use. Anything that has been typed on your computer, no matter is it a Word document or Facebook chat; it will be logged and shown to you.

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