children looking at their mobile devicesYou will hardly find a person considering that spy apps are not useful. In sober fact, spy apps developed with the aim to control somebody’s personal life and phone activities are of the prime importance. They enable you to monitor your kids secretly, to check whether your partner is honest with you and control employees without the necessity to notify them about it.

Only several years ago, to find out how your kids or spouse spend free time, you had to do it personally. These days, smart software solutions do it for you. Having started choosing the most suitable app for monitoring calls or other phone activities, you can face some difficulties. Nowadays, there is a wide choice of such apps. To clarify this question, let’s find out all pros and cons of popular tracking software that is called Mobile Spy.

Who Will Benefit Using Mobile Spy?

mobile spy official website screenshotHaving visited the official web page of this app, we may conclude that its primary audience is parents. Nevertheless, Mobile Spy can help you to find the answers to essential questions.

  1. You wish to control your employees. If you own a huge corporation and want to know whether your colleagues really work, spying software can help you to get essential answers. You just need to notify (or not) your employees that you are going to control their calls or text messages remotely and install the app onto their cell phones. This software will do the rest of job. Besides, you know that in some cases you do not give a full load to your employees. So Mobile Spy will help you to check what they are doing during usual office hours and whether they make business or personal calls.
  2. You are concerned about the safety of your kids or other loved ones. In case you wish to know that your folks are out of danger, this app will help you in your effort to protect them. These days, each kid adore to use an expensive gadget or mobile device, and instead of focusing on the homework or family time, he chats with friends online via Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other similar apps. Children play games, watch videos or post their personal photos. Sometimes kids and even some grown-ups are device-addicted, but they cannot acknowledge it. Mobile Spy helps to control their screen time, block inappropriate websites, and monitor calls or text messages. Moreover, except for calls, you can monitor the GPS location. It means that you may see where your child is at the moment in a direct mode.
  3. You may keep track your spouse. If you presume that your loved one cheats on you, conceals the truth, secretly chats or makes calls to other individuals, Mobile Spy will provide you with the opportunity to monitor any call or text message made from the target phone.

Having realized who will benefit using this app for tracking people, it is high time to look at the offered features and analyze the compatibility of the app.

Overview of The Major Features of Mobile Spy

overview of the main features of mobile spyThis software product is not the new one. It hit the market several years ago and now can boast with a plethora of useful options, simplifying the procedure of the phone tracking. Mobile Spy is compatible with iPhone and Blackberry or Android-based devices. Below, you may look through the list of the main features, simplifying the process of the phone monitoring.

  • View call history. In case you consider that your staff members or kids abuse the privileges of calling, Mobile Spy will help you to find out the truth. With this app, you will have a chance to control all phone calls (incoming or outgoing).
  • Monitor text messages and social networks. The phone monitoring app gives you access to all types of text messages (emails, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Twitter, etc.)
  • Gmail logging feature. It allows you to control the details of either incoming or outgoing Gmail messages. This option will be useful for business owners who wish to prevent a data leakage.
  • Spying on Blackberry PIN messages. The feature is useful for the owners of Blackberry phones.
  • View the list of contacts. You have access to monitoring not only phone calls (time, duration, phone number) but the contact list as well.
  • GPS location feature. It is an indispensable tool for those who collaborate with either teleworkers or those who spend the working day out of office. Besides, this tool will help parents to control their children and places they visit. Mobile Spy proposes three methods for GPS monitoring: SMS commands, location logs, and Real-Time tracking.
  • Web history. Now parents will know what websites their kids visit. Furthermore, they can block some inappropriate sites remotely.
  • Monitor media files. Modern people love to take plenty of photos and share them with friends or other people. Be aware of all media files that are stored on the target cell phone.
  • Alerts. Mobile Spy sends you alerts in case the target person applies prohibited actions on the target mobile phone.
  • Live control panel. This exclusive option gives you the opportunity to watch a live screen on the target phone. You may check all made actions or get full logs about its activities at the given intervals of time.

Pricing Policy

iphone apps iconsEach user who wants to enjoy the benefits of this phone monitoring app is greatly concerned over the question of pricing. We want to assure you that Mobile Spy is not expensive. The company offers several billing plans.

  1. Basic. The package comprises all features except for LIVE control panel, view instant GPS map and live screen. Its price is $100 per year.
  2. Premium. This one includes all features offered by the app, and its price is only $140 per year.

Except for the annual subscription, you may buy either 3 or 6 months package. As you see, the price is moderate as compared to other similar programs for controlling the phone calls.


Mobile Spy is a well-known and reliable application developed for those users who prefer professional software. With Mobile Spy, you will always know that your kids or other loved ones are in safe, and you will be able to protect them from age-inappropriate web content. Moreover, you will always know that your employees do not sell out company’s confidential data. Mobile Spy complies with the demands of customers and can make your life more peaceful.


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