Briefly about SecureTeen

SecureTeen is well-known and reliable monitoring application. The team of developers worked hard to design the app, which is especially effective for monitoring kids and teenagers. So, obviously, if you are looking for the parental control tool you’ll hardly find the better software. It meets all monitoring needs and can provide information about all phone calls, SMS messages, web browser history, GPS location, social media accounts, and chats, etc. It is a multifunctional application which can be used for monitoring phones and computers. So your kid will have no secrets from you!

When you are a parent, you are always worried about your children. You can ask yourself many questions. Who are they chatting with using their phones or what takes them so long to get home? It is natural. As parents, we should protect our children from numerous threats and dangers. With the rapid development of the Internet, information systems, and electronic devices the number of dangerous situations has increased.

Our children got complete access to information online. Although it is great for their studying and general development of personality, it may cause many problems. And it’s the parents’ job to protect children and to avoid all troubles. For sure, we can’t watch our kids all day and night long. But we can be aware of all their activities with the help of spy applications. SecureTeen is one of them.

How does it actually work?

SecureTeen provides a user-friendly interface. If you visit their official website, you can make sure that it’s quite easy to use. The installation process is simple and fast. You should follow the next steps:

  • Find and download the installation file of SecureTeen;
  • Run the installation process;
  • Configure necessary settings;
  • Create your own online account. Use your valid email and create a suitable password;
  • Start monitoring all data that goes through the target device.

Key Spying Features of SecureTeen App

  • Monitoring SMS messages – you get copies of all messages that were received by the user or sent from the target phone. It is a great option for parents who want to know whether their children chatting with suspicious strangers online. Sign in to your personal online panel and you’ll see time and date logs, names and numbers of receivers and senders;
  • Spying on Facebook account – the app offers the option of monitoring Facebook. It helps to protect your teenager from unwanted chats, sharing inappropriate contents, etc. You watch all information that your kid shares, photos, posts, comments. You get the copies of all chats and conversations held via Facebook;
  • Tracking phone calls – SecureTeen gives an opportunity to track all incoming and outgoing phone calls. Be aware of all details such as names and numbers of the opposite side of the dialog, time of the calls, dates and even duration of every call. Get complete information on who your kid was talking with and what about;
  • Tracking GPS location – the app has the opportunity to track the GPS location of your children. It is a powerful and useful feature. It can become a good assistant to parents who want to know where their children are and where they were some time ago;
  • Monitoring browser history – SecureTeen spyware allows its users to monitor the list of all websites and URLs which were visited by the owner of the target phone. Just open your online panel and view the history;
  • Spying on social messengers – SecureTeen provides the possibility to track chats and conversations on WhatsApp, KIK and Viber messengers. You will get exact copies of messages, as well as numbers and names;
  • Monitoring Skype activities – be aware of all that happens via Skype.

Other Useful Features of Software

  • Ability to block inappropriate online content – using SecureTeen you have a unique opportunity to prevent your children from viewing adult and sometimes harmful content. Use the app and just block websites and web pages which you consider inappropriate and which you don’t want your children to watch;
  • Providing safe search – this special feature can prevent the kid from accessing the adult content. The child will not see such results when he is searching;
  • Filtering online activities – with the help of SecureTeen you can be sure that your kid will not have access the pornography and any other different unwanted websites and online content. The app blocks it and it will be away from your kid;
  • Blocking applications – unwanted applications are not a problem anymore. You don’t need to take your child’s phone, find apps there and delete them. SecureTeen does all the work so the process becomes quite easy. Just add unwanted software to app’s block list and your children will not have the opportunity to run it.

Advantages of SecureTeen

secureteenIf you decided to use spy app, but still hesitating if SecureTeen is worth using here are some arguments.

With the help of this great spy app, you can determine the time of using cell phones. It means that your children will have strictly allocated time for the phone activities. The rest of the time they can devote to important things like studying or sports.

You will be able to track several devices at the same time. You pay only for one subscription but get the opportunity to watch all your children. It allows saving your money and time. No one will be ignored.

Stealth mode

SecureTeen works in the stealth mode. So if you don’t want your kids to know about your monitoring, you can keep it in secret. As a parent or an official guardian, you have a right to monitor your kids. The app hides in the background of the phone so the child will not notice it.

Now you have read the most important things about SecureTeen. And it’s up to you to decide. But having experience in testing multiple applications we must say that SecureTeen can be a good choice. SecureTeen is reliable, it provides many features and has an affordable price.


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    Can SECURETEEN app work on latest iPad that is just released?
    The latest IOS version is 11.1

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