teensafe free trial screenshotBeing a good parent is a hard job. Especially arduously it becomes before and during a teen time. Children at that period are exposed to numerous temptations, but many of them are harmful and can cause problems afterward. That is why it is especially important to make your teen safe.

Phones became reliable friends for the kids. They spend time near the small phone screens more than at school. Playing games, talking with friends, reading books, performing calculations and browsing the Internet can be implemented in the only one device nowadays. So, a smartphone often knows more about teen than parents. Someone considers it is a real problem, another believes it is a good way to get more information (especially unknown).

Due to growing popularity of cell phones, spy apps like TeenSafe became widely disseminated. Compatibility and functions of spy apps expand rapidly. Therefore, parents must control more levels of the phone influence. All monitoring software has its specific features, and teens’ security is one of the most important ways for developing.

Spy Apps Mission

spy appsDifferent spy programs have various purposes. Some of them have any possible functions and are suitable for everyone who wants to monitor after someone’s phone. Other apps have a narrow focus and work with a specific sector of consumers. After all, the primary assignments of phone trackers are:

  1. Kids’ monitoring. Probably, it is the most important purpose of the phone spy programs. Often they are used just for tracking trends of child’s behavior and are focused on the future
  2. Employees’ control. Every business has its unique idea and depends on its safety. Also, spy programs can be used for better management when we talk about personal phone calls during the working day, for instance.
  3. Spouse checking. Faithfulness is a cornerstone of happy matrimony. Thus, to be assured in the sincerity of your boy or girlfriend sometimes is a necessity. Spy software may become a good hidden (in the phone) helper in this question.

The Teensafe app is focused only on the first category and it is both, disadvantage and preference.

Functions of TeenSafe App

functions of teensafe screenshotA narrow specialization becomes evident when we are talking about monitoring options. Not all of them are really needed. Look at them and principles of the company in the list below:

  • Full-text message control. SMS and other ways to receive and send text are under control of TeenSafe. As we mentioned above, phones are the best inanimate friends of children. So, they can recount parents even more than they can imagine, and TeenSafe is a good assistant in this question.
  • Phone book and call info. Communication face to face is a rare situation nowadays because a mobile phone or tablet is used for conversations more often. Therefore, information about time and talks’ duration from TeenSafe account can be very helpful.
  • Viewing of web browser history. Teens also spend lots of time on the Internet. Therefore, a browser history can show parents the clearest picture of their real interests. Of course, the mobile phone can be used by a classmate or friend, but some trends will be evident.
  • Real-time location. Thanks to GPS technology, such small device like mobile phone helps to find the point of destination without extra efforts. With TeenSafe, all routes will be transferred to parent’s account, and live location would be shown anytime you need. Looking on the map will help to understand the intentions and preferences of your child.
  • Social networks’ monitoring. WhatsApp, Twitter, and Kik Messenger wouldn’t be in secret with TeenSafe. These additional applications have no chance to cover up personal info and definitely help mom and dad to make the right decision.

It’s the main and most used functions of TeenSafe spy app. You may review official website or ask your questions to the support team and get any additional information.

TeenSafe Advantages

  • This app has everything that parents need to monitor their kids. You will get full location, calls and messages control, the Internet and social networks’ history. The absence of more specific bells and whistles also is a benefit because it allows TeenSafe to work more stable on the phone.
  • No jailbreak and rooting needed. iPhone and Android are the most often used devices for spy apps. Other software chases for additional features and requires complicated operations with a target phone. TeenSafe is the easiest one to start working with.
  • If you have more than one child, TeenSafe will pleasantly surprise you. Only one subscription will allow you to monitor all children. Because this app isn’t too cheap, this option may really
  • Another useful benefit is a 7 days trial version. Maybe it should be added to the previous item, but it’s quite another. Also, we should mention a money back guarantee and full customer support.

TeensSafe Shortcomings

  • No live support. As a practice has shown, it’s hardly ever needed. TeenSafe does everything to save customers’ money in different ways.
  • No media files are available. Pictures, videos, and downloaded files have only requisites such as time, receiver and sender. It’s a principle position of TeenSafe. It helps to neglect further interference to the phone during the installation.
  • BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and some other operational systems are inaccessible to use TeenSafe. As you know, versatility often causes additional problems, and TeenSafe has decided to slight few percent for better work of available version.

The rule “the simpler – the better” can be applied in this case. All additional features entail an extra loading time and cause unpredictable issues with a cell phone.

Several Recommendations

teensafe activity logFirstly, we should mention that it is not a good idea to announce your decision about spying to your child. You may lose a kid’s trust. So, even if you’ve tested your teen’s phone and didn’t find anything suspicious, just delete TeenSafe program and forget it for a while.

Secondly, you shouldn’t choose expressive ways to solve the existing problems. If you’ve found that something is going wrong, don’t mince matters. Recall the example of your own childhood or explain on the example of the neighbor boy who doesn’t have similar problems.

Thirdly, give a chance to fix everything. Any of us made lots of mistakes and would do them in future. Everyone have the right for his mistakes, and everyone should have the right to correct these errors. First of all, TeenSafe is intended for helping and promoting – not for punishing.


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