TheOneSpy-softModern parenting is rather exhausting. We do not mean only sleep deprivation when your child is too small. As your kids enter school, you feel like you have one more job. Regardless the fact that you should control children on a regular basis (we mean monitoring of their home tasks, packing gym kits or controlling of other school activities), you should also know where your son or daughter spends free time. Luckily, you shouldn’t do this on your own because modern phone monitoring software can do this job for you. We offer you to learn essential facts about one of the most cross-functional phone tracking apps called TheOneSpy.

Spying Software Purpose

These days, if you want to play Bond games, you can easily do it using spy apps. The overriding goal of the spying software is to provide you with the round-the-clock reports about the phone activities of your kids, spouses or even staff members. Such apps are in great request among parents, and many of them have already managed to make use of the benefits of such software.

Why TheOneSpy?

TheOneSpyTheOneSpy is one of the most reliable apps for a phone monitoring. The app is empowered with a plethora of controlling and hacking options allowing you to keep a check on the phone activities of other people. We mean your kids, spouses or even employees that work out of office or are on the business trip. TheOneSpy can comply with demands of the most critical users, offering a full set of the most useful and powerful features.

One more argument for TheOneSpy is the reasonable pricing policy. Besides, the application is compatible with the majority of mobile devices. The app for a phone monitoring can be installed on Android, iPhone or BlackBerry-based phones. Let’s analyze all features offered by TheOneSpy for you to make sure that this software is worth its money.

All Features Offered by TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy-control-panelIf you consider that your spouse, kid or business partner acts suspiciously, you just need to install TheOneSpy onto their cell phones and assuage all doubts.

Let’s start with the most exciting options:

  • SpyVidCam bug service. It is a unique feature offered by TheOneSpy only. You can switch it on remotely, and the phone will start recording the required information via two cameras of the target device. It can be either a short video which lasts for 15 seconds or a long video (up to 1 minute). The option enables you to monitor the phones’ surroundings. In case you consider your child to be in danger, the feature will show you the truth.
  • Mic Bug option. It allows you to hear voices and other surrounding sounds. At any convenient time, you may turn on this option and listen to suspicious sounds on the target phone. TheOneSpy users can not only monitor it but also record.
  • Passwords keystroke logging. This option is suitable for those who are parenting teenagers. Very often teens conceal information about the details of their personal life from parents. With this option, you can easily unlock any account on the target phone.

The features mentioned above were added recently, and TheOneSpy users only start experiencing all their benefits. Except for these options, the application is endowed with other significant features.

Here they are:

  • Keep track the GPS location. It is an ultimate feature for parents who always want to have in view their kids. With this option, you always know whether your children attend school and where they are after classes.
  • Spy on calls. The app may record any call. Now, you can easily monitor calls, record some of them and view the call history of the target mobile phone.
  • Control text messages. You won’t miss any essential information sent or received by the target device via SMS. Even if all messages are deleted, you receive the complete logs with them to your online dashboard.
  • Monitor the activity in social networks. As far as the popularity of social media sites is evident, TheOneSpy allows you to track the content of messages sent via Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, SnapChat and other similar applications. Besides, you can also review all audio and video files sent via these apps.
  • Read emails. This option fits those users who desire to monitor employees. It allows you to read any email sent by your staff members.
  • View all multimedia files. You can easily see what files or photos your kids keep on their phones. Moreover, you can look through all video files and capture screenshots of the target phone.
  • Monitor the internet activity. You can track which websites your child visits, browsing the web history logs. TheOneSpy allows you to block apps or websites you consider to be inappropriate.
  • Instant alerts. In case your kid changes the SIM card, you will be pre admonished about this.

In sober fact, you can set the monitoring preferences and use only those features that are necessary.

What About the Pricing policy of TheOneSpy?

TheOneSpy-pricingThis question is of major concern for each user because taking into consideration the amount of such phone monitoring software on the modern market nobody wants to overpay. We have great news for you because TheOneSpy offers efficient billing plans. The price entirely depends on the phone or another device you wish to monitor and a number of features you want to use.

If you are searching for Android monitoring software, you may pick one of the following billing plans:

  • Lite – $0,6 per day;
  • xLite – $0.9 per day;
  • Premier – $1,6 per day. This billing plan comprises all features.

To monitor the iPhones, you will have to pay $55 per 3 months, $99 per 6 months or $140 per 12 months. Nevertheless, to monitor iPhones, you have to jailbreak the target device. Otherwise, the app just won’t provide its options.

TheOneSpy also offers the Blackberry Packages. They are as follows:

  • $55 per 3 months;
  • $90 per 6 months;
  • $140 per 12months.

Final Thoughts

As you see, the choice of billing plans is broad so that any user can choose the most convenient package. TheOneSpy is an ultimate instrument for everyone who looks for a multi-functional phone monitoring app on the contemporary market. The app provides all necessary features to spy and control other people activity. Moreover, it creates a protected environment for your kids or other family members.


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