GeofencingYou, probably, have already heard about geofencing while looking any information about spying apps and GPS location trackers. Geofencing is some sort of a virtual area that can be set around a particular area on a map. It could be used for your target advertisement or as a parent control tool. So, let’s learn more about this use point.

What is a Geofence?

So, let’s start with a definition. It is just a virtual perimeter reflecting some real area. You can create it around your store or neighborhood where your kids should stay all day long. Generally speaking, it is like you are building a fence around your house. The same thing you are making via special app dealing with geofencing.

The main idea is to geofence various areas that are important to you. You can create various parts of the map with different identification. You can also set geofence for just one building or special region too.

Using an app with geofencing feature will give an advantage you know every time the target is leaving or entering the area you covered. In business, geofences are used to target customers, and for personal use, this feature became very popular among parents.

Requirements for Geofencing

Like any other modern app feature, this one also has its requirements. First of all, it works with GPS system of the mobile device you are using. If you want to spy on your kid or spouse, you should note that the target smartphone must have GPS location system available.

Also, Internet connection is very important. While the app can log information about location without the Internet, to send it to you, there should be the connection to the web. Operating system plays a secondary role here, as you just need to pick up an app compatible with the operating system of the target phone.

Spy Apps with Geofence Feature

Spy applications are very popular these days. As people have various reasons to use those apps, most of them like that great feature of GPS location tracking. Yes, while spying on calls and messages, you also can find out where the target phone owner is at the moment.

But the latest feature those apps offer is geofencing that works along with the GPS location tracking system. While checking out the location of your kid, for example, is not enough to protect him or her completely, you may set a geofence around some particular being. What is it for? Well, if you have some dangerous areas in your town or city, you, probably, don’t want your children to go there, right? And geofence can predict your son or daughter to leave your neighborhood without permission.

While suing a spy app, you can identify a prohibited or safe area and set the alarm in case your kid is disturbing the geo fence. It is a simple tool that helps people from all over the world to control their children and other people, for example cheating spouses.

The Best Spy Apps with Geofencing Feature

GeofencingHere are the best spy apps offering a geofencing option for their users. More detailed reviews of those applications you can find with no problems.

SurePoint Spy

We suggested SurePoint, probably, the most powerful spy app with geo-fencing feature available on the modern market. It is an affordable and totally reliable application that can be used for various spying purposes. Its geofencing option works very simply and gives you the opportunity to control a target phone user. As soon as the person leaves the fenced area, you get an alert message and can plan your further actions according to the fresh information. The feature itself works pretty fast in real time so you can be sure you get an accurate info anyway.

Besides that, SurePoint becomes an ultimate spying solution as you get the ability to record calls and surroundings and shoot photos remotely. It is totally great for those who want to follow their kids, spouses or whole family no matter where they and you are. The customer’s support also works very well, and you get a one-time price tag after purchase.

Highster Mobile

The application provides you with a top-class GPS location tracking feature. If you are a parent who wants to know your kid’s every step, Highster Mobile is exactly what you need. Just set its geofencing options with few taps on the screen of your mobile phone. Those areas you consider safe and dangerous will be highlighted with different colors. The app will also send you an alert signal if the target phone owner goes out the safe zone to the restricted one.

Download Highster Mobile

Besides that, Highster Mobile also provides you with lots of other helpful tools to protect your beloved ones. You can use its call and messages tracking features, web browser history viewer, and even block particular programs and contact numbers.


mSpy is another great example of a top-class spy app with the ability to track your kid’s location in real time. On the control panel at your personal account, you’ll see its geofencing section where it all can be manipulated and set. Just set all the dangerous and safe areas and wait until the target phone makes some action.

Download mSpy

As any other app in our list mSpy has more to offer than just simple geo-fence and GPS location tracker. Besides standard calls and messages logging, it also has a unique capability to track and monitor iPhones without jailbreak. It works because of a special iCloud monitoring solution.

Using XNSpy makes it easy to monitor all calls and contacts stored on the cell phone. The spy software has features that allow the parent to set keywords related to sex, drugs, and pornography and get notifications when the kid visits such pages. The main disadvantage of this software is that it is a monthly subscription that makes it more costly compared to others.


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