girl holding her iphoneIf someone needs to track other person’s iPhone, there is a perfect way to do that with no risks of being noticed. With the help of a modern SMS tracker, you have a chance to find out everything you want to know without speaking a word or even going out of your apartment. SMS trackers are apps for iPhones and phones with other operating systems that gained popularity all over the world in the last few years. In this article, we gathered the best apps that have SMS trackers functions and even more. Check it out.

Highster Mobile Sms Tracker

highster mobile packageHigsterMobile is the first SMS tracker on our list. It is well known in the industry and among iPhone and Android phones users. While using the app, you can spy on almost any gadget with no need to actually hold it in your hands. But like any other app on our list, this one is a little bit more than just a good SMS tracker.

You can read the messages from a target device, but also you are able to monitor all the incoming and outgoing calls, as well as browser history, and even GPS location. It would be a perfect choice for personal or corporate use. These points make HigsterMobile a perfect choice for those users who want to control their kids, spouses or employees. Besides that, entire tracking is provided remotely. So you just need to install the app and log in to the official website to monitor all the target phone activity via your own phone or tablet.

Strong points

  • No jailbreak required
  • Stealth mode
  • View of deleted messages

Among its strong points also is the ability to view any the hidden calls, multimedia (photos, videos, audio), websites, and even apps that were uninstalled recently. The price for the app is very common on the market. $69.99 for the full package with already included upgrades.

Auto Forward Sms Tracker

autoforward spy packageAuto Forward Spy is also one of the most popular apps for SMS tracking purposes these days. It is not so well advertised among users as mSpy, for example, but those users that installed this app on their iPhones are very satisfied with the result and the price. Actually, the app is all about the balance between the quality and the price ($69.99). No matter what phone you are using, iPhone or Android phones, you will be totally satisfied with the result provided by the software.

Besides being a super SMS Tracker, Auto Forward Spy also provides its users with a bunch of other helpful features. You can review a target’s phone browser history, monitor any accounts of the target phone owner, log all passwords, and many others. Even the deleted SMS messages will be displayed for you! And of course, all these impressive options are available for you remotely with no need to hold the target phone in your hands.

Strong points

  • Detailed data about calls and SMS: time, date, sender/recipient
  • Calls and surrounding recording feature
  • All accounts monitoring
  • GPS location tracking

Also for the tracker, a free customer consultation is available. Customer service team will answer all your questions.

SurePoint Spy Sms Tracker

surepoint spy packageThe next SMS tracker we are going to present you is SurePoint Spy. The app itself is very simple and easy to use. Basically, it is one of its main advantages. iPhone and other phones users will be totally pleased with the interface and functionality of this software. SurePoint Spy is a newcomer on the market, but it has already marketed itself as a reliable and powerful tracking tool gaining popularity all over the planet. iPhone parental control, spouse monitoring, corporate purposes, this app can deal with them for the same standard price of $69.99.

The list of its features is also very diverse and standard. Besides SMS tracking you can also count on GPS location monitor, calls monitor, browser history viewer, you name it. The information that was logged from a target phone will appear in your personal account so that you can view it through your phone, tablet or PC. Customer support option is also free.

Strong points

  • No jailbreak required
  • Complete message tracking feature (chats, SMS, MMS, emails)

TrackMyPhones Sms Tracker

track my phones official website screenshotAnother tracking application to your service. It is not as powerful as our previous points, but it is still very helpful. The main thing about TrackMyPhones is clear from its name. The main purpose why people start using this app is about searching your iPhone when it was stolen or lost. With a special Thief Tracker option, you can easily identify the location of any phone that you are spying on. Besides that, this very option will make a photo of anyone trying to unlock your gadget without permission and a unique password. This image will be sent to you immediately along with the accurate location of your stolen or lost phone.

Strong points

  • Unique Thief Tracker feature
  • GPS tracker

XNSPY Sms Tracker

hand holding an iphone with the xnspy sms tracker runProbably, the most popular and widely used SMS tracker on our list. XNSPY gained popularity all over the world due to its high reliability and a reasonable list of options. For those who want to read other people’s SMS, including those from the chat apps such as WhatsApp and Skype, this application would be a perfect choice. Besides those two great features, you also get an accurate GPS location monitor, contacts viewer, calls monitor, and a special recorder for surroundings and calls. Any multimedia files storage on the target phone is also available for your view.

Strong points

  • GPS location tracker
  • All types of SMS tracking
  • Recording function
  • Social networks spy

This application is available in different packages and can be easily installed on any operating system available these days. Any interesting details about XNSPY you can easily know on the official website while having a chat with a custom service rep.


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