PhoneSheriff reviewMonitoring software is getting immensely popular these days for many reasons. Two most popular reasons are parental control and employee control. Employers frequently complain that their staff misuses company property. Likewise, if you have kids, you definitely know how difficult is to protect them from bad things. Sometimes you do not have even a clue of cases they might be involved in. Luckily, today’s modern technologies offer a wide range of programs that can spy on your kids’ computer and phone’s activity. However, considering how frequent teenagers use phones instead of computers, you are offered to read a review dedicated to Phonesheriff – software for the phones. You will find out more about the features of the program and the installation process.

Use Phonesheriff and Get Information on All Phone Activities

PhoneSheriff reviewIf you are looking for a reliable and multi-functional soft to track down the activity of your kid or an employee, consider Phonesheriff. The app is compatible with most popular phones and OS such as Android, Apple and Blackberry. With Phonesheriff, you receive access to all activities of the target device at any time. You can restrict usage of the mobile device or its certain features. For instance, you can block the work of mobile device from 10 pm till 8 am to make sure your child is not using it at night. It is also possible to lock the whole phone if necessary. Here is the list of other features of the Phonesheriff software:

  • Tracking feature. This feature allows you to find out where your child is right now. You get instant access to his/ her location via GPS tracker. If your kid is skipping school, you will find out any way. There is also the possibility to set filters and indicate restricted areas. Each time your kid crosses the borders of restricted area, you will receive special alert/ notification.
  • Call history. Information on outgoing and received calls is saved in control panel and can be checked at any time. You are free to listen to any conversation and find out more about plans of your kid for weekends or after school.
  • SMS. Monitor and see what kind of messages your kids receive. Phonesheriff saves the log on all SMS and MMS of the mobile device, including the content, phone numbers and exact timing. It also spies on iMessages – messages that can be exchanged only between two iPhones.

Phonesheriff Internet control

PhoneSheriff reviewPhonesheriff has other features that control Internet activity. You will find these features immensely useful. They are the following:

  • Web history. If you have suspicious that your kid is visiting inappropriate websites, you can check web history log to check it. This feature also allows setting filters that will track profanity and abusive language, and block websites with such content.
  • Social media. All teenagers want to have more privacy and reluctantly share secrets with their parents. Parents in their turn would like to know more about their online friends. Phonesheriff can satisfy both sides. Teenagers will keep thinking that their privacy is safe, and parents will get a chance to know more about online friends. Phonesheriff can track activity on social media and provides info on friend list, conversations, etc.
  • Media files. Media gallery is a place that reveals numerous secrets not only about your kids but also their friends and hobbies. Just looking at the photos taken with target phone, you can tell a lot about present day teenagers. Media gallery also includes music files and recordings.
  • Applications. Phonesheriff saves information on all applications that your kid installs and then deletes on the phone or tablet.

Other Useful Phonesheriff Features

  • Anti-abduction. If the phone has been stolen or lost, you can find it with the help of a remote camera and a microphone control. Phonesheriff takes snapshots of surrounding area while microphone control gives insight about the phone location.
  • Contacts and calendar. Phonebook monitoring will give you insight about newly added and deleted phone numbers. As a matter of fact, you can block unwanted contacts without letting anyone know. Checking calendar of the phone will provide you with info on planned events. Teenagers are very progressive today. That means that your son/ daughter is likely to add future events to the phone calendar. If you kid is planning to go to a party and is not telling, you will know it anyway.

How to Buy the App

PhoneSheriff reviewEven though the program is getting more and more popular, it should be bought only on the official website. The developers do not recommend downloading or purchasing from unknown sources as it is not safe. There are no distributor or authorized re-sellers. The program has a simple and user-friendly website, where you will quickly find Purchase section. Once you have chosen suitable pricing option and payment method, you need to complete the bargain. The team of Phonesheriff has done its best to provide you with the most popular payment methods – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, etc.

Protect Your Kid from Online Dangers

Phonesheriff is a program that can protect your child from online dangers when you cannot do it.  Setting specific filters and parameters will help you monitor activities of target device remotely at any time. Countless positive feedbacks received from satisfied customers tell that the program is a decent competitor to other spying applications. Get it today and enjoy multiple benefits!


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