As far as these days, phone monitoring apps are an intrinsic part of modern society. Our review is devoted to one of its representatives called SpyToMobile phone tracker. Smartphones are the significant tools for the modern generation, but in some cases, the additional control will not be superfluous. Due to smartphones, parents can stay in touch with kids and find out where they are at the moment. Nevertheless, such modern technologies can harm children who require thorough control. The internet comprises lots of inappropriate websites, online predators or cyberbullying. Therefore, parents should monitor the phone using of their offspring. SpyToMobile can cope with this task. Let’s look at the phone tracking app in greater detail.

What is SpyToMobile?

It is a reputable software product used for keeping tabs on the phone activities of people. Choosing this particular software, you will stand a chance to monitor incoming or outgoing calls, text messages or even activities in instant messengers of another individual. It means that you will do it remotely! Phone software will provide you with these reports in the online mode. You shouldn’t install SpyToMobile on your device.

How to Get Started?

Reviewing against similar apps, this one is quite easy to use. To start, you should install Spy2Mobile on the target phone. As soon as you cope with this step, the program will start the controlling of the phone. It will start intercepting text messages, call history or other activities. To do that, the phone or tablet must be connected to the GPS or Wi-Fi (at least periodically). The retrieved data is available on your account round the clock.

To check tracking data, you need to log in your personal account. When you do this, you will have to set the program according to your demands, navigate around the account, and check required information.

What Features Does SpyToMobile Offer?

spytomobile reviewIn the manner of any other phone tracking software, this one has many benefits that users will appreciate through an extensive range of options. Below, you can look at all of them:

  • Text message spying. Such option is for those who wish to keep a check on text messages of the target person. Except for the content of a text message, you will see the addressees and the time when it was sent or received. The app also tracks the deleted messages.
  • Tracking of the GPS location. The feature enables you to check the live location of your offspring online. It will be displayed on Google maps. If your children prefer not to tell you the details of their whereabouts, the option will be your secret bug.
  • View call history. The feature will anticipate you about the secrets of call history like the details of calls, contact’s name, phone number, call duration, etc.
  • Contact list. If your kids try to conceal some information from you, with SpyToMobile, all needed data from the address book won’t be a secret anymore. Check the contact list of the target person and find out with whom he or she gets in contact.
  • Check WhatsApp messages. This instant messenger is rather popular among users. Therefore, you must have access to it. SpyToMobile offers you this opportunity. Control the content of each text message sent via the application.

It stands to mention that SpyToMobile can keep tabs on more than 1000 devices from one account. To make use of this option, you need to follow these steps: install the software on the additional devices and enter the same email address and username for each gadget.

SpyToMobile Pricing Policy

It is one of the greatest advantages related to this particular cell phone monitoring app. It is not expensive. For using it, you will pay less than 0.99 € per one day. The fee comprises all options offered by SpyToMobile tracking app.

There is one more benefit of this particular software. Having created your account, you will get 3 €, allowing you to test the service quality. It is definitely well because it allows you to check the quality of the software, avoiding the necessity to pay for it. Unfortunately, not each app with the same functionality can offer you such opportunity.

Several Negative Aspects

spytomobile reviewSpyToMobile has some disadvantages, and each potential user must know about them. The software lacks some very important options that will be useful even for undemanding users. First, SpyToMobile allows you to keep a check on WhatsApp only. Users can’t monitor Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger or other applications. These days, each reputable and cross-functional spyware should have these options. The email tracking option also isn’t included. If your overarching goal is to track emails, it is much better to prefer mSpy, TheOneSpy or FlexiSpy.

SpyToMobile also can’t boast with the phone call blocking functionality. If such option isn’t necessary for you, then the software is a good choice. Nevertheless, in some cases, such feature is vital.

You also can’t keep a check on the internet activities. It goes to show that in case your primary objective is to control what websites your children or employees visit, SpyToMobile won’t comply with your demands. In this case, continue hunting after its alternatives.

The compatibility is not a strong point of this phone monitoring app. SpyToMobile phone tracking app is compatible with Android devices only. It is a real omission of the developers. Probably, they will improve the point soon because such poor compatibility spoils the general impression about the spyware.

Our Verdict

SpyToMobile is an average phone tracking application offering a common set of options. Besides, if your primary aim is to choose a cross-functional and worthy phone tracking app, it is much better to dig for its competitors. Several lacking options really spoil the general impression about SpyToMobile.

Nevertheless, if you want to track your children and the offered options are enough for you, SpyToMobile will be a useful tool to monitor and control them. In case you need a help of the support team, they will always help you to solve some difficulties. A good price is also a valuable aspect of this tracking software.


  • Khan says:

    I have an account. How do I delete this account and all my info used when registering?

  • Stephen says:

    The app doesnt upload WhatsApp logs says
    WhatsApp is supported only on rooted phones. Besides, the application with the version 4.10.2 or newer must be installed on the device

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