keyloggerModern keyloggers and other phone monitoring programs are very helpful in everyday life. Let’s find out what software will fit you best in this article.

What are keylogger programs and spy software?

These days it is very easy to find out anything you want about a person. For those who want to find out boyfriend’s Facebook password or with whom his daughter is texting all the time, we recommend installing a keylogger. This type of a program is dealing with keystrokes logging. You can install it on a target phone, tablet or computer within just a few minutes. To decide what solution will fit you better, just read some reviews about modern keyloggers. Here are three honorable mentions.



keyloggerVarious types of users consider XNSPY keylogger the best one. It is equally good for parental control, business, and personal use. XNSPY has lots of useful features that will help you to deal with different issues. Users mention its compatibility, user-friendly interface, and reliable stealth mode as the main advantages.

  • KidLogger

keyloggerKidLogger is easy to use tool with great parental control capabilities. It fits equally great mobile devices and personal computers. This keylogger is not hidden, and that is the main disadvantage. But you can control the usage of the monitoring solution with your personal password. Also, KidLogger is able to take screenshots of the window where the user is typing at the moment.

  • IKeyMonitor

keyloggerThis tool is an ultimate keylogger. Mostly it is used by parents and managers to control their employees. Simple keystrokes logging is not the main function of iKeyMonitor. It is able to track GPS location of the target phone and monitor all incoming and outgoing calls too. But to fit modern realities, developers upgraded the system to be able to track even social media accounts.


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