Do you think your partner is sending inappropriate messages? Or are you concerned about who your children are communicating with? Don’t worry! We are going to show easy and effective methods to hack any Skype account. Let’s get started!

How to Hack Someone’s Skype? Use mSpy!

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The most effective way to hack someone’s Skype account is to use mSpy, a spyware software. Once you install mSpy on a device, you will instantly start recording all of your target’s Skype activity including the messages they send, images, their contact list, and even calls! You can monitor all of this Skype activity remotely by simply logging into your mSpy account.

How Does mSpy Work?

mSpy is a tracking app that once installed on a device runs in the background in stealth mode and records all of the target’s activity including their Skype chats and calls. After recording the target’s Skype activity, mSpy then sends the data to its servers and you can access all of this information at any time by logging into your mSpy account. We’ll cover some main points about mSpy in this article. If you want to learn more, check out this comprehensive mSpy review.

How To Use mSpy To Hack Any Skype Account?

The great thing about mSpy is just how easy it is to install. And once you have installed the software you can just sit back and record all of your target’s Skype chat and call logs without them knowing!

To Install mSpy Follow These Steps:

  1. Head to mSpy’s website and create an account.
  2. Sign in and select “Get Started”.
  3. Pick the type of device and tap “Proceed”
  1. Select browser on the target phone
  • Open the download link from your welcome email
  • Hit “Download”
  • Click “OK” to confirm
  1. After the download is finished open the APK and tap Allow from this source option
  2. mSpy will open and you can now configure the settings
  3. Log in to your mSpy account and open Skype in the dashboard

Once you get mSpy set up on the target’s device you can sit back and relax as you can view exactly what the target is doing remotely via mSpy’s awesome dashboard!

Why Choose mSpy to Hack a Skype Account?

mSpy is the number 1 rated Skype account hacking tool. Check out some of the benefits of this amazing software:

  • mSpy lets you view all Skype messages, images, call logs, and contact lists
  • Install mSpy remotely on all iOS devices
  • The setup process can be completed in under 5 minutes!
  • Track all Skype data remotely via a simple to use dashboard which can be accessed from any device
  • Track all social media sites including Facebook and Instagram 
  • Save all Skype chat and call logs
  • Operates in stealth mode so you will never be detected

If you are serious about hacking Skype then don’t waste your time on fake tools or complex technical approaches, simply download mSpy and find out exactly what your loved ones are doing on Skype now!

How to Hack Someone’s Skype Camera?

Do you want to know exactly who your children or partner are chatting to on Skype? Then record their face and take a photo by using the best skype web camera hack, Meterpreter. This specialized software performs a Metasploit attack payload which allows you to take screenshots and video recordings of whoever your target is chatting to on Skype.


To use Meterpreter to hack someone’s Skype camera, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the software on the target device
  2. Check the victim’s systems to locate the webcam by typing meterpreter > webcam_list
  3. The system will display a list of all available device webcams
  4. To grab a screenshot from the victim’s camera, type in meterpreter > webcam_snap
  5. The system will grab a screenshot and save it in the system directory, namely /opt/framework3/msf3
  6. If you’d like to watch live videos or video calls instead, you can do this by typing in meterpreter > run webcam -p /var/www
  7. That command will start the victim’s webcam and stream all data to /var/www/webcam.htm

Meterpreter is an effective and easy software solution that will ensure you can not only take a picture of the person your loved one is chatting to on Skype but record their entire video conversation!

How to Hack Someone’s Skype Password Without Software?

The best free Skype hacks that don’t require software include resetting someone’s Skype account and creating your own phishing scam. 

Using Password reset to Hack a Skype Account

A great way to hack a Skype account is to simply select the “I forgot my password” option. Once you click this option Skype will send the target an email with a link. If you click the link you can create a new password and use it to access your target’s Skype account and all their chat logs.

To use the password reset method to hack a Skype account without software follow these steps:

  1. Open Skype, navigate to the sign-in page, and click “Forgot your password?”
  2. Click reset the password via email
  3. Open the email linked to the Skype account and click the reset link
  4. Type in your new password
  5. Sign in with the new password you selected

This method is incredibly effective but the only downside is that you must have access to the target’s email. Also, the target will quickly realize that their Skype password has been changed and will then lock you out of the account by changing their login details.

Create A Phishing Scam To Hack a Skype Password

If you don’t want to download 3rd party software but still want to hack someone’s Skype you could create your own phishing scam. When creating phishing you need to create a page that looks like Skype’s login page and convince your target to enter their login details. Most phishing scams start as emails looking like they came from Skype and include links to your fake Skype login page.

Unfortunately creating a phishing scam is time-consuming and requires some technical skills. Also, the likelihood that your phishing scam is low as professional cybercriminals have to send out millions of phishing emails before they manage to trick an unlucky victim.

Do Free Online Skype Hacking Tools Work?

Free online Skype hacking tools do not work and in many cases, these sites are infected with spyware and malware. These sites claim that their free tool will crack any Skype account and send you the password. 

However, when you enter the Skype ID you will be asked to fill out surveys or overwhelmed with invasive ads. Even if you do fill out the survey the website will never actually deliver you the Skype password. Instead, the fake Skype tool will profit off you completing the survey and most likely sell your email to the highest bidder!

We recommend you avoid these fake Skype password crackers especially because many of these sites are riddled with nasty malware and spyware and may end up getting your personal details hacked. If you actually want to hack someone’s Skype account you should use real software that actually works like mSpy.

How To Prevent Your Skype From Being Hacked?

To stop your Skype from being hacked you should create a secure password (use a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols), use antivirus and always keep your Skype up to date. 

Make Your Skype Password Strong

To reduce the chance of your Skype being hacked you need to create a powerful password. Passwords which are long and that contain a range of different letters, symbols, and numbers are hard to hack. You should also change your password regularly (every couple of months) and avoid creating simple passwords which include words such as “hello1234”.

Use an Antivirus to Keep Your Device Secure

One of the most common ways people get their Skype accounts hacked is by accidentally downloading malware, spyware, or falling for a phishing scam. If you use an antivirus you won’t have to worry about any of these problems! Antivirus software can scan your device and detect and remove any infections. Antivirus software can also protect your device in real-time and alert you to potential malware and phishing scams.

Keep Your Skype Updated

Skype is always improving its security and doing its best to ensure its users are safe. To take advantage of Skype’s latest security technology you should update to the latest version. Also, many Skype hacking techniques rely on flaws in older versions of the program which are usually plugged, making the hacking techniques ineffective against the latest version.

Can a Skype Account Be Hacked?

Skype accounts are vulnerable to being hacked especially if you have malware or spyware on your device or you fall for a phishing scam. To prevent infections and phishing scams it is recommended you use antivirus software.

How Can I Secure My Skype Account?

The most effective way to secure your Skype account is to create a strong password (over 8 characters, featuring numbers, letters, and symbols,) keep your Skype updated, and use antivirus software to prevent your device from becoming infected.

How to Hack a Skype Account Without Downloading Anything?

Hacking a Skype account without using software is difficult. However, it is possible by resetting the target’s Skype password via email, creating a new password, and then logging into their account. This hack only works if you have access to the target’s email.

How to Find Out Someone’s Skype Password?

The best way to find out someone’s Skype password is to use a keylogger. A keylogger is software that records all of a person’s keystrokes which means you can use what they are typing when they log in to their Skype account. The best keylogger is mSpy which is available on all devices!


The simplest and most effective way to hack someone’s Skype is to download mSpy. mSpy is top-rated tracking software that once installed can let you monitor a person’s entire Skype activity including call and chat logs. This tracking software can be installed in under 5 minutes and runs in stealth mode so the person will never know you are monitoring them. To find out exactly what someone is up to on Skype download mSpy now!


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