Cell Phone Surveillance It was once noticed that robust cell phone control software was only available to government organizations and police. However, nowadays civil population is rewarded with many opportunities to do the same without any risks of being noticed.

The solutions available for all other citizens include the opportunity to keep a live log of all SMS and other types of messages as well as define location and monitor calls. Most of the cell phone surveillance software packages are recommended to the parents who care about the safety of their children.

Data tracking is not the only option so far. We are going to discuss such services as:

  • Listening to the surrounding
  • Activating and using IP webcam
  • Feeling every movement and tiny motion

As a potential victim of spy technology, you may be interested in whether people can read your messages, including the deleted ones.

Access M-Spy to Be Able to Listen

Cell Phone Surveillance The legends about cell phone surveillance and CIA and NSA opportunities are not the legends any longer. These organizations can really connect to any mobile device in the world to hear what’s going on around the object. No matter what your location is, the surrounding sounds are available for people who have such power.

If you want to learn more about the locations of your children, you may use M-Spy available on the Android Market. Just access this place to download and set up the cell phone app to the target device. Then, install a PIN, and the device will be enabled at that moment to serve as your personal surveillance software despite its actual location.

Having such audio bug by your side allows acting like a police for your children. Full data tracking will make it possible to determine the exact location of your kids and tell whether they are lying to you regarding their after-class activities. Besides, from time to time, you may hear what is going around to recognize an unknown location. Such cell phone surveillance may encourage you to pay more attention to the upbringing process or even prevent your child from falling into trouble.

Getting information with this application is one of the simplest ways to access all private information of your child’s device. All you need to control the site of your child is to place the Android device at any point of the space with good coverage.

If your goal is not to access entire information but listen to the surrounding, just send the target cell phone an SMS message including PIN and the number.

Let’s say; your PIN number is 0000. Type in “0000 calls 16042221414”, the smart app will give a call to the Android device of your interest without ringing it; next, it will call the number you have mentioned in the message. Each time you answer the phone at that number, you will be able to listen to every sound on the other end no matter what the location is.

Use Your Android Phone as an IP Webcam

Cell Phone Surveillance Cell phone surveillance software is also used to make an IP webcam out of your favorite Android mobile device. Audio data tracking is always helpful. Combined with the video, it will be even more useful and accurate. For instance, you may leave your cell phone at home or office while you’re out to have access to everything that is going around.

In our case, you may want to do so to monitor the activities of your kids while you’re away. It’s especially useful when you have not time, money, or desire to hire a nanny for a couple of hours. Also, you may get information on whether your children steal from you or invite suspicious friends/strangers. That is what “Home Alone” heroes definitely lacked!

Use your mobile device as a video spy. IP Webcam application is available on the Android Market. It allows transforming any cell phone on the Android basis into an IP webcam. The installation process is a cinch. In fact, launching the app is enough!

Once corresponding surveillance software is on, it begins transmitting. Would you like to see your new webcam server? Run the browser and enter IP address mentioned at the bottom of the installation page. Configure port forwarding on the router to access from outside your home network.

The data tracking from your web camera is available in the following ways:

  1. Launch the stream in media player like VLC
  2. It is better to apply Java browser plug-in
  3. Update frames in browser using JavaScript
  4. Built-in viewer is recommended
  5. Connect to personal computer for connection with Skype and other video chats
  6. Take photos in a moment!

There are many alternatives used to view Android webcam. Set up the app to use in your living room, bedroom, kids’ room, or other spaces of your apartment!

Feel Every Motion or Movement of Your Cell Phone on Distance!

Cell Phone Surveillance Data tracking can be supported by the ability to sense motion, movement, and sound! RL Watcher is one of those apps which makes it possible. This distant surveillance software allows sensing movements as well as the smallest motion of your Android device. If you need more information on how to check the movements of your kid’s gadget, this article about SecureTeen may help.

Every remote sensor can be separately turned on. It will make it possible to get a notification when any of the sensors is off or on. Users may access notifications of such type through messages, e-mails, or mobile device. One of the options is to make the device call you at any number so that you can hear what is going on within the given location.

There are cases when parents ban their children from using the vehicles. Place the mobile device in the target car to learn when it starts moving. Through SMS and e-mail messages, you’ll fully monitor the locations of your kids. There are even more opportunities to discover!

While agencies like NSA collect approximately five billion records a day, you can watch your children to protect them wherever you are.

Cell phone surveillance apps are, probably, the best methods used to monitor every step of your kids. Thanks to the fast data tracking and access to all personal information, parents can ensure the safety of their children. Such functions as audio and video recording allow checking specific location and current activities of your family members. You can find out more information on how to select, install, and use surveillance software at this website. Keep in touch with your kids wherever they are!


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