ll Phone LocationModern cell phones are universal tools that changed the game forever. Those gadgets play a huge role in our lives replacing various instruments we were using for years. Besides that, cell phones also brought some new features we could only dream about. GPS cell phone location tracker is one of them. Let’s find out how it works.

Track any Cell Phone Location Easily

So, why do people try to track someone’s phone location? The answer is very diverse as there are too many reasons why people spy on smartphones. But we can get few main points for you to get the whole picture clearer.

First of all, spouses try to monitor their husbands’ and wives’ activity, for example, to catch them on cheating. Parents also found it very useful to track their kids’ location. At the same time, GPS tracking became massively popular among various employers all over the world as they try to control their employees’ activity. And the last reason is the simplest one. With a cell phone location tracker, it is easier to find a lost or stolen gadget.

How can all these problems be solved? Well, the most useful and modern solution is a spy application. You just should install it on your or your target’s mobile phone and track its location. There are few specific ways to get a GPS location identified for each popular operating system separately. We will talk about them in this article also. But now let’s review the most effective way to monitor smartphone location – a spy app.

How does Tracking work?

ll Phone LocationThe number of tracking applications is quite impressing, and everyone can find something interesting and useful online. Some of those apps are free, but the most effective ones are paid.

  • Read few spy apps reviews and choose something best fitting for your requirements.
  • Download and install the monitoring program on the target phone directly.
  • Register your personal account on the app’s official website and start tracking the target gadget immediately.

Spy Apps Features

Besides GPS location tracking, those spy programs also provide an impressing number of other useful features. All of them will fit your business and personal needs perfectly:

  • Stealth mode – confidentiality is a key to successful spying operation. Stealth mode is a must for any modern cell phone monitoring tool.
  • Text messages viewer – with the help of any spy app you can easily read all text messages on the target phone such as SMS, chats (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, iMessages), emails, etc.
  • Phone calls tracking and recording – spy app user gets constant access to all calls on the target device with details (number, duration, date, etc.) Some programs can even record a phone call in real time.
  • Web browser history – any websites that were visited by the target gadget owner will be available for your review.
  • Access to any app on the target device – an app will log any activity on the target device.

Tracking Your Lost or Stolen Cell Phone

ll Phone LocationOf course, you can track your phone without a spy app. Every operating system has one or few ways how you can find your lost or stolen cell phone. Let’s review the most useful of them.

For Android Phones:

ll Phone LocationThere is just one guaranteed way for you to get your lost Android phone location. Follow these simple steps below:

You should get Android Device Manager and install it on your tablet or some other Android device you can get. Since the application is installed, you can easily track your own phone’s location and even block it from strangers.

Use your lost phone’s ID to enter your Google account from Android Device Manager. This application will show you the last known location of your device with an accurate point on the map. Besides GPS location tracking you also can block your device or even delete all data from it.

For Apple iPhones:

ll Phone LocationiOS is another most popular mobile operating system these days. If you lost your phone or it was stolen, you also can try to find it with a special method:

You should use your iCloud account and Apple ID that was attached to your lost device. Every iOS device has its original GPS location n tracker, and you can easily monitor it through your iCloud account. We must say that it works pretty accurate.

Besides that smart and useful feature, you also have something truly special to try. In case the smartphone is somewhere nearby, you can turn on a special sound signal that will help you to find your lost device.

Also, you can enable a special Lock Mode. It is especially useful in case your phone was stolen and you don’t want a thief to have access to any of your files and applications.

It is one of those great remote features any iPhone user can handle on. But when you have no hope left to find your gadget you may erase all info from your device remotely. Any data that was holding on your smartphone’s memory will be deleted. It is the best way to save your private info from the third parties.

For Windows Phones:

ll Phone LocationWindows is the third popular operating system among smartphones users these days. And it also provides you with special features in case you lost your Windows Phone. There is a special list of tracking options online, and you can easily reach it with the help of your Windows account. It should be connected to your lost or stolen device. The GPS location system works very simply. The location spot with your mobile device will appear on the map with a marker. Besides that, such options like Alarm, Lock, and Erase are also available like with iOS and Android. Of course, they all are remote.


As you see, it is a simple task to find your phone’s location these days. You can use special tool provided by your operating systems or install more powerful spy applications. Read about the most popular and reliable apps here.


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