spy phoneIf you do not have access to a target phone, there is still a way out for you. Learn how easily you can launch a spy phone application with no actual installation.

How to install spy phone software?

First of all, let’s learn how a usual installation takes place. There is nothing too different from a common phone app installation like a game, calendar or anything else. But it requires some attention from you. Use these four steps to start using the tool correctly:

  • Read some reviews and make your choice according to your requirements and reasons.
  • Download and install the application you liked from its official website or your favorite app store.
  • You should activate the application and launch your personal account on its official website.
  • Use a control panel to monitor the target gadget remotely.

Remote installation

spy phoneAs we said before, there are situations when a person does not have access to a target phone. That is why there are dozens of search requests about installing spy programs without the need to use a target device directly. Fortunately, there is a way out. It is available for iPhone and iPad users only, but it is very effective. If your target uses some Apple or any other product with iOS on it, you may easily spy on him remotely without any physical access. Besides that, you don’t even need to jailbreak the iPhone.

So, there are two things you will need to spy on someone’s gadget without installation – Apple ID and password. The program like mSpy or Highster Mobile is able to work through iCloud. It will be as effective as with the actual installation providing you with all the same options. Just register on apps official website and activate iPhone iCloud backup using Apple ID and password of the target phone.


  • Can you tell me who connected to my phone with this app and is only available for apple Iphones or android as well.

    I have been being stalked for a while… i found this in my history and i have never investigated

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