Everyone today is able to download and install spy app which hacks and grants access to your phone with all information stored on it: messages, chats, pictures, videos, emails, call logs, etc. The person behind this surveillance might be anyone – your spouse, employee or someone from your close surrounding.

Hack a phone

If you think someone might be spying on your cell phone or hacked it and you wish to know for sure, there are some indications your device is being targeted. Look for sudden changes in your cell, such as:

  • Your battery is always low – running down faster than normally. The reason is following: spy apps are draining your battery, and this is a really strong indicator that something is definitely wrong with your cell. Still, there is a chance that your cell is too old or you have too many apps installed;
  • Another indicator someone is after your device – random start or shutdown. If your phone lights up without any reason on a regular basis – it might be hacked;
  • Strange background noises are another evidence that someone is interested in your personal information and hacked your device. Various noises suggest that your conversations area being recorded. But maybe you just have a bad connection?
  • Have you been receiving any strange looking text messages only with numbers or symbols? This might be a command for the target device coming through;
  • Your device might be warm every time – that means the hacking software is running and doing its job;
  • One of the options to prevent intervention is installing an anti-spyware app. This product will help you to get rid of any suspicious product on your phone.

The more sophisticated spy app is – the harder to detect it on a cell phone and taking into account that every software product is getting more complex – it is hard to tell for sure if your phone is being targeted.


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