It’s just about time to think about your family members’ number one smartphone tracking software With the rapid technological progress, phones obtain both positive and negative features. When you view your child’s browser history, you might find out that he or she is planning to visit the suspicious place. Download free family locator or purchase one of those spy apps in order to stay connected with your parents or children wherever you are. Each locator is compatible with Android devices and some other systems.

Any of the family locators listed further in the text helps to:

  • Locate your kids or other members on the maps to know their exact places.
  • Receive all updates regarding the most frequently visited locations and future plans of your kids.
  • Receive phone notifications warning about the potential danger.
  • Tell which nearby places are safe.
  • Send a message with warning or advice to your target phone.
  • Provide your target object with further directions.
  • Identify where a particular phone call was made from.
  • Get alerts to your e-mail.
    Use extra features like “send one-button panic alerts” which helps just to stay connected.
  • Find lost mobile

We have composed five reviews aimed to show you new effective ways to control and protect your entire community.

Make a Decision Now: Protect Your Family and Its Values

family locators reviewThe desire to track your loved people is absolutely OK unless you start penetrating in the life of your parents or kids too much. Family spying app was first created to introduce new ways to guarantee secure phone usage. And we’re not talking only about internet viruses or adult content. Each family requires efficient locator for additional functions such as location identification and fast communication.


Sprint family locator logoThis family locator will become your choice of a lifetime! Sprint allows discovering and recovering any phone. Looking for a greater piece of mind and high-quality services?

In order to have a greater sense of safety, the software lets parents put a target phone on special Sprint plan. It is free to start searching for lost or stolen phone today! Of course, you have to watch after your battery.

The good news is that parents may stay anonymous as there is no need to set up family software on the mobile phone or another device they track. When your kids are away or busy, you may still view their current location with the offered solution. App displays everything in real-time on interactive maps.

In case your younger members are not where they have to be (e.g., school or home), the app will deliver corresponding notifications to your device. You may then get connected with the target phone through warning message. Check free two-week trial first if you’re not ready to pay $5.99 for the effective family locator from the start. Check monthly Sprint bill to find when the next payment has to be made.

Family Locator & Kids Tracker

Kids tracker Family Locator applicationAs you can guess, the second application from the list is focused on serving the needs of the worrying parents. When your child leaves no reply for a while, you may at least learn his location by using efficient family app installed on your favorite phone.

The pros of using this app include:

  • Keeping every member equally safe everywhere
  • Tracking of family at single time along with providing history record
  • Sending your children important information or notifications
  • Helping to find the closest secure place like police station or hospital

Latest GPS tracking technology makes Family Locator & Kids Tracker one of the best on the phone safety apps market. It guarantees a piece of mind to each parent while the loved people are far away or late. Helpful modernized maps allow determining the exact location of the target phone. Parents who have kids of the school age (range 7-17) simply love the solution.

Family Locator for Sprint

family-locatorAlthough it sounds similar to the first family locator, it is a bit different. Some even share that this version works better and more accurate than simply Sprint. To check, download the cool locator for your mobile phone without investing any money as it is completely free of charge!

Forget about any troubles with family apps you used to have in the past – try new version which works as an alternative client with Google Maps inserted in the current Sprint service at the official website. Use given solution for Sprint to serve your family daily safety needs. Unlike many others, the locator emulates phone browser and reflects location on Google Maps. Many other less effective tools show location on a web page which is not that comfortable. Keep in touch with your kids or parents by installing free locator (15-days trial) or purchasing as an official app.


famfinderHave a look at one of the most secure and accurate device locator apps on the web.  It lets your phone apply the exact GPS maps and locate your members and friends no matter where they are. Remind your kids about home duties by sending them a message. Make them go to school by checking whether they are really studying hard.

This family locator sends alerts in case your children are not where they are supposed to be, or if they are going to change their current location. At the same time, parents won’t lose their piece of mind when the child is not responding for a while. It is better to use the locator for better purposes such as finding the lost phone. Users receive a full location history daily to be able to find lost devices.

Other features involve:

ZoeMob Family Locator

zoemobThe fifth locator discussed in our review makes it possible to track no more than five phones using a single account. GPS technology is effective enough to stay connected with your loved people in any situation. Parents may supervise and locate their kids remotely. Thus, you can check strange places visited by your child or motivate him to go to school by sending a warning message.

The locator is already available on Android and Symbian S60 devices, but its developer fixes everything needed for successful installation on other systems such as iPhone and Blackberry.

You may get the full version later while enjoying free one-week trial. If a user purchases premium family locator version for just #3.15 monthly, he will learn even the exact time of leaving or arriving in various places. Target phone incoming/outgoing text messages and notifications are also available.


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