ispyoo packageIf some people still consider that it is unfair to interfere into the personal life of other people, let’s try to see the other side of the coin. You are a parent of a naughty teenager, who considers himself to be of age and is in charge of his personal time.

Your teen doesn’t even notify you where he goes and when he will come back. If such situation is well familiar to you, and you have no idea how to protect your kids, probably your way out is a reputable spy app. This review is devoted to one of such applications called iSpyoo.

What is iSpyoo?

ipsyoo desktopISpyoo is a worthy monitoring app that must be installed on the phone or tablet of the person you want to keep tabs on. This software is endowed with a set of features that can help to achieve various spying goals. ISpyoo enables you to control your kids, colleagues or even spouses. Besides, you will do it secretly. The person you control won’t guess that something is wrong. This particular phone tracker is undetectable.

ISpyoo is an indispensable tool for those employers who don’t like irresponsive workers. By dint of this phone monitoring software, they may find out what calls they make during the business hours or what websites they visit. Besides, the app can prevent the leakage of corporate information.

One more case, where iSpyoo can help you to find the responses to a wide array of questions is spying on cheating spouses. If you don’t trust your partner, just install iSpyoo onto his or her phone and find out the truth.

ISpyoo Features

mobile deviceAs you see, the app is useful in many life situations. So, let’s look at all options offered by iSpyoo to see how it works.

The phone monitoring software is empowered with a plethora of useful functions that simplify the process of tracking. ISpyoo offers users to make use of the following features:

  • Call monitoring. This option lets you keep track of all calls made by your offspring or employees. You may listen to any call and even record it. The targeted individual will not know about your spying activity.
  • Monitor the list of contacts. Now you have access to the address book of the target person and can view all names and phone numbers that are stored Besides, all other contact details are also viewable.
  • Monitor the activity on social networks and instant messengers. At the present day, each smartphone user chats with friends or colleagues using such apps as Viber, Skype, iMessage, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Using iSpyoo, you may see the details of either free calls or chats made via these apps.
  • Monitor visited and bookmarked websites. The user can view all URLS the person visits or bookmarks. The information will be uploaded to his personal account. The feature will be useful for employers who want to know what sites their employees visit during the working hours, or for parents who want to get wind of the details of their kids’ free time.
  • Track emails. The feature enables you to keep tabs on the email activities of the targeted individual. Employers will definitely appreciate this option because it allows them to prevent the information leakage.
  • Spy on SMS messages. SMS communication is not very popular today. But it can give you additional opportunities, tell more about the person you monitor and his or her messages.
  • Track GPS location. Each reputable tracker is endowed with this option, and iSpyoo is not an exception to the rules. The information about the exact locality of your kids can be viewed due to such feature. Besides, if you are a business owner and collaborate with remote employees who spend their working day out of office, you will also appreciate this feature. Even if the cell phone is not connected to GPS, you will see where it is at the moment.
  • Spying on media files. If you wish to view what images your kids share with their friends via social networks, with this iSpyoo option you can easily do it.

How Much Does It Cost?

iSpyoo plan pricing including standard premium and goldEven if you are ready to pay any sum of money for spying software, don’t be in a hurry to buy a subscription. In some cases, it is better to make a quick research on this aspect, read reviews and so on.

By analyzing the iSpyoo application for a phone monitoring, we can conclude that its pricing policy is moderate. Before you purchase the subscription, you may pick one of several billing plans: Standard, Premium or Gold.

The Gold package is the most profitable one. Its cost is only $150 per year, and it comprises all features offered by the app. Nevertheless, before you buy it, you should decide whether you need all the features or not. Probably, you need several features only. In this case, there is no need to overpay. The Standard package is the cheapest one. The users should pay only $114 per year, but the billing plan offers the limited set of features. The price for the Premium package is $132 per year.

Now, iSpyoo offers users to test the app for free. You can download it and use for two days. During that period, you will check the app’s opportunities and learn all pros and cons. It is a very attractive proposal.


Luckily, it is probably the only aspect which developers should improve. The software has iOS or Android devices compatibility only. You can install it on any phone or another device powered by Android or iOS operation system. If your overriding goal is to monitor Windows or Blackberry phones, this app is not for you. It also stands to mention that the app is compatible with any carrier offering open GPRS Internet Access.


It is obvious that iSpyoo is not the outstanding spying software with numerous advanced options, but it allows you to satisfy plenty of spying needs. If you are the one who searches for a reputable phone monitoring app, you will appreciate iSpyoo because regardless of some inconspicuous disadvantages, this spyware can be a reliable tool to track and control other devices.


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