The way in which you can listen to someone’s cell phone conversations for free is hacking his or her phone

How to hack someone’s cell phone and listen to calls?

Hacking cell phones and other devices such as tablets can be done using different methods:

  • Using WiFi networks;
  • Using the data on the SIM card,
  • Cracking the password;
  • Monitoring someone’s phone using surveillance software.

Using spy applications is the easiest way to listen to someone’s calls. It is also the cheapest method of getting complete access to the data that goes through the target device. What is great, that there are many apps which are free and which are available for downloading without any problems.

How to use spy apps?

Monitoring applications are easy to find and to use. There is no need to be a hacker or an advanced user to install this kind of software. Just find the app online and choose the service. Follow three or four simple steps and voila! You have a personal electronic detective in your device.  So you need to:

  • Find and download the application on the device which you want to monitor;
  • Install the application;
  • Create your online account using email and password;
  • Run spy app on the target device and follow the registration process;
  • Open your personal account on any device which has the Internet connection and start tracking the incoming and outgoing calls of the target phone.

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Additional features

Using spy apps for monitoring someone’s calls can bring you additional options which are also quite useful:


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  • dianne mitchel says:

    How can you use it they other party wont know

  • Rakesh says:

    How can i download this app

  • Jyoti Parmar says:

    Want to knw how to do it

  • I just need use of spy ware just once or twice to confirm my Suspicions

  • Badar says:

    How can I download this

    • Carrie Ward says:

      How can i dOwnlOad this????

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