The mSpy app is a mobile phone app with an incredible list of functions. It is fast becoming one of the best apps in the industry, as it is an excellent solution for parents who want to monitor children. It is an equally exceptional offering for a company looking to monitor an employee when he or she is supposed to be at work.

With an array of subscription and secure payment options, you can gain access to the program and soon be installing it on a target device. With all of the exceptional monitoring tools the phone app provides, concerned parents will finally be able to take a sigh of relief.

Spy Phone App Pros and Cons


  • Call logging, email logs, message logging, and tons of features
  • Compatibility is across the board and includes Mac OS, Windows PC, iOS, and Android systems
  • View the control panel through any browser
  • GPS and Geofencing functionality
  • Full customer support from the manufacturer
  • Assistance with the mSpy phone app installation at no cost to the consumer
  • Brand new keyword alert technologies added to the surveillance software
  • Reasonable pricing solutions


  • Still lacking live call monitoring like that found in other applications

Basic Features:

mspyTo start, since kids are social creatures it is vital a parent has a firm grip on who the child interacts with on a cell phone device, and mSpy has taken all the steps to make it easy for parents to monitor a child’s phone, the Internet, and messaging behavior.

For one thing, parents can access a child’s contact list and the list of calendar activities. And, of course, the mSpy app allows you to monitor one’s behavior through social apps is also a necessity. mSpy allows parents to track a wide range of popular Social Media outlets and chats including Google Hangouts, Tinder, Telegram, Line, Snapchat, Viber, Social Network, iMessage, WhatsApp, and Skype.

Parents can monitor the multimedia files a child uses and shares too. Photos, videos, and Instagram monitoring come with the mSpy phone app’s list of functions. The app comes with a keylogger to monitor what the child types into the phone when it is in use, and you can view installed applications; if you do not like certain apps, the mSpy app gives you the power to block access to them.

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Additional mSpy Features:

Call management tools: The mSpy app, a user-friendly product, allows you to monitor the calls your child makes, and you can even apply incoming call restrictions on the phone your child uses. As you monitor calls, you can use the app’s compatible control panel to instantly assess every call for the duration, the time the call was made or the incoming call was received, and the number of calls the child made to specific numbers.

The phone app supplies the identity of callers, but this feature is somewhat limited because the individual has to be in the address book on the phone for it to work. Best of all, you get full access to call logs without having to void the warranty on an iPhone device because of jailbreaking necessities. Further, as a parent monitoring the device your child uses, mSpy gives you a control panel where you can define what incoming numbers are acceptable.

Email access: Content from outgoing and incoming emails are documented and made accessible through the control panel online. Thanks to the mSpy app, you can see time stamps, dates, and if the contact info is stored on your child’s device, it will be included. Never wonder who is communicating with your child again with the flexible mSpy phone app.

Text message tracking: With mSpy, you get to look at all sent and received SMS messages on the phone. You get a full listing explaining the textual content in all messages, word for word, and you can see if your child sent the text or received it. The mSpy app takes the worry out of who your child might be communicating with while you are not around. The time and date of messaging are recorded for you to track, and this feature is available for all messages, even on IOS phones that are not subjected to jailbreak.

Internet Usage Visibility: Wonder no more about the website your child is visiting; even if you give the child some freedoms you will remain in full control of the child’s online activities. The mSpy phone app allows for the viewing of Wi-Fi networks, bookmarks, browser history, and the manufacturers recently added the brand new feature of keyword alerts.

Device Locking and Device Wipeout Tools: With a few easy clicks of the mouse, the phone app allows you to protect your child’s private information by using a device-locking feature if the phone gets lost. Even better, if the phone is never recovered, the Device Wipeout function allows you to erase everything on the device.

mspyCustomer support is available: Some free customer support is available, and depending on your subscription, you can also partake of advanced help options with jailbreaking and installation.

Uninstall Alert: This is also a newly added function mSpy phone app has included in its already highly innovative phone app; you know instantly if someone attempted to remove the phone app or if damage has corrupted it.

GPS Tracking

GPS Location Tools: Always know where your kid is at with a convenient GPS location tool; you can spot their location on a map, look over the routes they’ve taken during a span of time, and what’s really great about the mSpy app is that it will find out where a child is even if you don’t have access to regular GPS at the time. Everything shows up right at your remote control panel and is accessible via a laptop, PC, or another mobile device.

Geofencing Functionality: The mSpy app couples GPS technologies with Geofencing Functionality. You define the boundaries you want your child to remain in and the tracker will alert you the moment those boundaries are crossed for any reason whatsoever.


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