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Protecting your growing kiddos from outer dangers is not an easy task. Digital age poses new challenges to parents who just can’t forbid their children to use modern devices like phones or tablets. While some resort to various trackers or even hacking techniques, others prefer good old parental control apps and services.

Perhaps, some will say that compatibility is the first thing which comes to mind when selecting the best parental control app for Android phone or tablet. It was our mission to test and pick ten best Android parental control apps for your child’s security and total control. So, how did we choose them?

What Criteria We Used to Select Android Parental Control for Android?

Well, the main criterion was whether particular Android parental control software makes it possible to install filters and restrictions before the kid actually uses his or her phone. Parental control apps that allow simply tracking activities after the event make no sense.

Then, of course, we have scanned each Android parental supervision app for the opportunity to control social media activity. We would not recommend the apps which are not on the list as far as most of them require “rooting” phone or tablet or forcing your kid to enter Google data or any other username and password. Mind that this parental list does not include apps that only run in stealth mode on the target phone or tablet. We ignored Android parental apps that proposed an opportunity to record phone calls since state laws are really strict regarding this function.

Most Reliable & Trusted Android Parental Control Apps and Monitoring Software

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XNSpy parental control app logo
We’ll start with the very special Android spying and parental monitoring software called Xnspy. It has just every basic function for curious parent and some bonuses. You can download and run this app on your favorite Android device in two different modes: jailbreak and non-jailbreak. The app also works with iOS. If you decide to use non-jailbreak mode, there is no need to provide access to the aimed device except for the Apple ID and password. Sure thing: 24/7 support for every served phone or tablet is included. Among all features, a parent will notice:

  • Ability to observe call logs, alerts, and full list of contacts
  • Reading and editing text messages along with Instant Messenger tracking
  • Various social media messaging (from Skype to Kik)
  • Keyword alerts
  • Detailed GPS report and location identification

Norton Family Premier

Norton Family parental control app logo
Android Norton parental tool offers an impressive set of filtering instruments, useful location identification functions, and full reports about child’s mobile phone activity. By choosing this Android parental control app, you will find out how easy it is to monitor several features on different phones and tablets. We can’t say that you’ll be able to forecast just every step of your child and entire Internet activity, but an app gives a chance to warn a person about potential threats. E.g., by researching Google results, you may decide which Internet websites you should block.

Spy Era

spyera review
Perhaps, you have already heard about Spy Era parental Android app which is successfully used to implement strict parental control and watch after your spouse/lover. It is also among the pricier Android controls software options for phone or tablet. Well, excellent quality can’t come for free. Besides, the safety of your child will be guaranteed thanks to the following pros:

  • Social media accounts and messenger tracking (from Whatsapp to Tinder)
  • Text and e-mail message full regulation
  • Alert helper
  • Live Call Penetration
  • VoIP control
  • Availability to manage all images and videos files
  • Functions well in stealth mode
  • Is good for mobile phones and tablets based on Android


Each parent who is interested particularly in child’s mobile phone operations will be glad after receiving improved controls for Android apps management, text message management, and location tracking/reporting. With this Android parental control app, a parent can watch after 3 phones or tablets of his child(-ren).

Even though parental control involves checking every incoming or outgoing message, web browser management is just an adequate while the software does not include social media regulation at all.


You can really catch your kid doing nasty things instead of studying when downloading a free trial or using full paid version of Highster parental control app for Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. What is your child doing on the Internet? Once you go through his or her browser history, you’ll know which websites you need to forbid for sure. All those who have Samsung, Sony, Google, or other Android phones or tablets would stay satisfied with the list of outstanding features:

  • Observing one’s text messages in any shape
  • Live control panel
  • GPS recognition
  • Incoming/outgoing calls on hands
  • Ability to read and respond to any personal message on LinkedIn or Twitter
  • Camera functionality in user’s pocket!

ESET Parental Control

If you worry about the time dedicated to the child’s favorite Android-based device, you may set up a certain time interval during which your kid can use the phone or tablet. This solution allows paying more attention to education and home duties instead of wasting hours on games and fun apps. Once your child is lost, as a caring parent, you’ll find him or her very soon applying Android parental control app’s phone tracking location function. Users can also view app-usage reports.


smartphone tracking soft mspy learn more
Unlike some of the top Android apps, you have finally reached an affordable price and conditions. Meet mSpy which allows supporting the safety of your child almost for free! In case there are some problems with the installation process, and you’re still interested in checking child’s Google history and all Internet-related activity, move to the contact form to get in touch with responsive customer support. Controls parents can use consist of:

  • Whatsapp and similar apps tracking
  • Recording incoming/outgoing phone calls
  • Location identification
  • Full multimedia files functionality in parent’s hands
  • Opportunity to manage applications and programs distantly
  • KidsSafe Certified, which makes this Android parental care app 100% legal)

Qustodio for Families Premium

Still, the possibility to control one or several phones or one or several tablets on numerous platforms along with detailed application management report helped Qustodio to become one of the most demanded parental control apps.


Welcome one more parental control software for preferred Android phone or tablet which is considered the most diverse on the corresponding market. Buy and apply it to any Android device as well as Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, and Symbian. FlexiSpy was released to propose:

  • Monitoring numerous chat sessions including (Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, etc.)
  • Review and decide what to do with multimedia
  • Take pictures and videos with the target phone camera
  • Listen in to surrounding sounds
  • SMS, e-mail, and MSM are secrets no more
  • Stealth mode activated
  • Accurate location identification

Net Nanny

This Android parental monitoring app is like a strict teacher: its main mission is to determine and block harmful Internet websites discovered in the browser history, dangerous contacts, and possibility to send messages to certain people. $60-a-year fee makes it possible to activate Family Protection Pass in order to deal with social media activity. If you want to take control over just one Android phone or tablet, Net Nanny should work.


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