How to tell if your cell phone is being tracked, tapped or monitored by spy software? It is possible to find using special keys. Several indications that would greatly help you in finding out if your cell phone is being tracked or tapped exist. You can determine whether your phone has spy software that someone uses to hack and monitor any call or text message. Read the guide on how to tell if someone taps your phone below.

Hence, it is obviously evident that applications designed to hack a phone can be discretely subtle. However, now you can find ways to determine if your mobile is a target of spying – look at effective tips on how to tell if your phone is tapped or monitored by a parental tool.

[Infographic] Has Your Phone Been Hacked?
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How to Tell If Your Cell Phone Is Being Tracked, Tapped or Monitored by Spy Software?

You cannot blame one for spying until you collect evidence. So, help yourself to find whether someone has access to your mobile device by knowing the primary factors to consider.

  1. First signs of suspicion appear when the public knows your secrets. If you are sure you are the only person to know specific information which in result became spread, then there is a probability that someone has stolen private data using a mobile device. Try not to discuss valuable information with people online. Being a representative of a powerful business corporation, it is possible mighty industry authorities spied to get information. During the divorce process, ex-spouses suspect each other in different affairs. The stealing of private information belongs to this category.

Idea: pass a piece of false information of a personal character to the group of people you do not trust completely; if the details show up, you will have several users to suspect.

  1. Burglary is something every potential victim of control software must be aware of when trying to detect whether the target device was hacked. To understand how to tell if someone taps your phone, answer several questions. Have robbers recently attacked your apartment/office/other locations? Did they grab something valuable? “Valuable” may refer to personal information; these people could insert a spy tool in your mobile device to receive the necessary data.
  2. Suspicious messages coming to your mobile device is one more clue to question ‘how can you tell if your phone is tapped?’ Cell control software (learn more) unblocks access to victim’s messages (FaceBook Messenger, Yahoo, and more); the one who gets control is able to send fraud, harmful messages. Never open/read messages from strange numbers. They can contain viruses that will steal your stored data like professional spy cell software.

How to Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped or Being Monitored When No Signs of Hacking are Present?


Getting familiar with these apps that are used to hack or monitor a phone is the initial step to knowing if your phone is being monitored. It is upsetting to find that someone tries to hack your phone, and tapping your private conversations and confidential information.

So, what is no signs of hacking are present? Check the target cell gadget with the help of different electronic devices (radio, TV) to detect any changes. They will show up during the incoming/outgoing call. Interference may take place while standing/sitting close to another electronic gadget, causing static with it.

  • Listen to background distortion. No need to set up extra software/hardware on the chosen mobile phone to frustrate the transfer of information.
  • A squealing radio player in mono condition, dialed into the end of the band is a sign of the cell software installed on your mobile device. Bugs apply frequencies close to the FM radio band.
  • Television broadcast has the same frequencies to help define the bugs on the preferred cell phone.

The battery serves as another indicator of mobile phone’s ‘health’. A cell spy software makes batteries hotter than hell. High battery temperature tells the mobile phone is tapped or experiences other issues. Don’t wait until the system ‘dies’  – contact expert. Also, pay attention to the number of time you charge phone weekly. Compare results with initial phone characteristics.

A tapped mobile device won’t shut down easily; spies may be using software the moment you want to turn off the phone. Discover more ways to realize how to tell if someone spies your phone.

Use These 6 Tips to Learn How to Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped

tappedHere are some of the relevant signs and the possibilities that your phone is being tapped or monitored.

  1. Unusual Behavior

A strange activity going on your device is a relevant sign that someone is trying to hack your mobile. Try to check any significant changes that are happening in your smartphone’s behavior: Does it just light up even if you do not use it? Is it making random beeping noises? Does it shut down by itself? Have you noticed a consistent random behavior on your mobile; have you seen these manifestations on a regular basis? If yes, then they could be a significant indicator that your device has a hidden software application that is trying to hack your mobile.

  1. Battery Life Becomes Shorter Than It Used To!

When your battery life tends to become shorter than it used to before even if you haven’t been using it, it could be a critical indicator that someone is trying to hack your device or hidden software program is running in the background discretely.

  1. Turning on/off without Command

It is not OK for the phone to decide on its actions without owner’s commands (e.g. launching or shutting down). If the battery is full, and you did not switch off the phone, someone can spy/attack by the special spy phone software. Buggy spy apps cause this discomfort.

  1. Static Signal or Background Noise

Do you hear a static signal or a background noise? Mind a big chance that someone is trying to access your device exists.

Other than these obvious indicators of someone who is trying to hack your mobile, an unusual increase of data usage or an extreme hotness of the mobile’s battery even if you are not using it.

  1. Awkward Content Arriving

A person starts receiving undesirable messages with suspicious content (e.g. gambling, different call to actions, useless discounts, sexual videos, violent content, etc.) Hackers use professional phone spy software to access users’ bank accounts or motivate mobile users to process with risky payments. Unknown number calling you with the similar offer? Try to end up the conversation ASAP.

  1. Enlarged Data Use

A person who notices extra bytes of traffic gone from the mobile device without any reasons may be experiencing a hacker attack. Cell phone spy software requires regular updates. Attacked user does not know he has such app. So he does not understand where the traffic is running. To prevent target phone from possible troubles, check it using free My Data Manager (Android) or Data Usage (iOS) found in the corresponding stores.

Tips to Confirm Your Guesses

tappedWe have discussed how to tell if your cell phone is being tracked tapped or monitored by special software. The final step is to confirm/reject your suspicions.

  1. The tap detectors discover spy software on your device. To define a threatening software, tool collects external signals. It shows whether someone is listening to calls or reading SMS/social network text messages.
  2. Install an app opposite to phone controlling software to find bugs typical for the attacked mobile devices (e.g. Reveal: Anti SMS Spy).
  3. Ask professional phone carrier/provider/talented friend/hacker to help detecting mobile phone monitoring software on your phone. Submit a government request in case serving company refuses to assist – defend your consumer rights!

Turning to the police station is the least thing we recommend. Try solving the conflict in a less problematic way! You know how can you tell if someone taps your phone.


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    I have an Android CoolPad phone at the moment.
    No Sim ever has been in it yet. But it pulls up strange things accocated with my old phones (recently taken in a traffic pull over….) and separate from the basic signing into Google info.


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