We are all addicted to the connection. These days we can’t imagine our life without a mobile device. Contemporary gadgets become more powerful, and the range of options increases. So, how about tracking phone location free? Yes, it is possible. In this article, we will discuss the most recent and effective ways to track a cell phone location for free.

Why to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

track a cell phone location for free

Let’s start with the reason. There should be something that pushed you to find a solution of how to track someones phone location for free or how to track a cell phone location that belongs exactly to you.

In these two cases lay two basic reasons why people track a cell phone location for free or for money. Let’s get some more details about each of them:

  • Parental control – the modern boom of kids security made parents looking forward getting constant access to their kids’ location by GPS.
  • Spouse cheating – it one of the starting reasons why spy apps market went big.
  • Controlling employees –got few suspicious guys in your office? Get them busted with just one single tap!
  • Personal use – if your phone is stolen or lost, these days you have a quite nice variety of options to deal with the problem and to track a cell phone location for free.

Secretly Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

A person is tracking phone location free. There is no secret to him. You can easily and secretly track a cell phone location for free using one powerful and undetectable spy app. Those programs are fast and absolutely remote. The main problem is to get them installed. But you will need to do that just once. And it is easy to install if the target device is yours or it belongs to your kids.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free with Spy Apps: FAQ

track a cell phone location for free

Can I track cell phone location using GPS free?

  • Yes, there are trial versions of almost any spy app on the market

How to track a cell phone location for free if you have a monitoring app?

What can those apps give you? Here are some default features:

  • GPS location tracker
  • Web browser viewer
  • Calls and messages logger
  • Password scanner
  • Calls recorder

How to track someones phone location with a spy app?

  • The program will do everything for you. Just launch a proper feature from your control panel. Besides tracking a phone, some apps are filled with a lot of other useful features, such as keylogging, allowing you to spy on Instagram or Facebook accounts, and more.

Download mSpy

Track Samsung Phone Location


To track cell phone location for free if it is Samsung you will need to learn about its built-in application. You can track Samsung phone location (learn here) with Android Device Manager or Find My Mobile.

Both apps are preinstalled and can track a cell phone location for free. You will need to:

  • Launch the app before it is lost
  • Open the app in any browser
  • Launch scanner to locate your lost device

How to Track Other Android Phone Location

If you are wondering how to track other Android phone location, you should deal with Android Device Manager only. So, how can I track a cell phone location with this app and what are its features? Recommendations for use we wrote before.

Here are some basic features of ADM:

  • Remote block
  • Launch siren
  • Erase entire data
  • GPS location tracker

To track a cell phone location for free, you can use some free trial versions of spy applications.

How to Track an iPhone Location for Free

track a cell phone location for free

How to track an iPhone location for free with a built-in app? It is very simple. The app is called Find My iPhone, and it works very similarly to Android programs. Just launch it before you will lose your device and it is too late.

How to track the location of a mobile phone free with a spy app and without installation? You can use mSpy, Flexispy, SpyEra or Highster Mobile. Both apps can track a target via iCloud. This is the easiest way if you want to how to track my cell phone location for free and without any installations.

How to Track Someone Location by Phone Number

If one wants to find out how to track someone location by phone number, we should say that this procedure can be absolutely free. You can use these main methods:

  • Google search
  • Facebook search
  • Whitepages search

Tracking Phone Location Free: Bottom Line

To track a cell phone location for free and succeed you need to learn just one main way. Learn how to track a cell phone location for free with a spy app. This is the most powerful and accurate way possible. Tracking cell phone location for free with a spy app is a guaranteed success in almost any case.


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