track phone locationIs it actually possible to track someone’s phone location using nothing more than his or her cell phone number? Our answer is ‘yes.’ Let’s see how to do it.

How can you track a phone’s location?

There are several tools and methods which you may use to identify someone’s whereabouts and to trace movements of the owner of the target cell phone. Sometimes you need to have physical access to the target device. However, you are free to choose methods using which you’ll track someone’s phone remotely. And what is even better, this opportunity will be provided in the stealth mode. It means that the owner of the target gadget will not be aware of your monitoring.

Monitoring Methods

You can find someone’s device in the following ways:

  • Using special Geo-Locating software. However, this tool can be expensive and hard to use. Its work is based on the tracking of the SIM Card;
  • Using IMEI;
  • With the help of special online services. These companies can provide the information on the exact GPS location of the target device using the phone number of the owner of the target phone;
  • Using special spy applications. This method is the easiest and the cheapest.

How does spy software work?

track phone locationSpy application is an easy and affordable way to spy on someone’s mobile device. There are many free apps which provide a high-quality monitoring. Along with spying on GPS, you get many benefits such as:

  • Monitoring SMS messages, chats, social media accounts;
  • Spying on incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Monitoring web browser history;
  • Viewing media files, etc.

Spy apps work in the stealth mode. That’s why you can be sure that you won’t be detected by the user of the device.


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