man looking on his smartphone and smilingIf your overriding priority is to keep tabs on other people, it is not a problem anymore. It makes no matter what device you wish to check; with such great choice of monitoring software, you will definitely achieve your goals. These days, those who want to play Bond games have a wide range of spying apps. In this review, we are going to make a deep analysis of one of such software products called Auto Forward. Let’s look at the functionality offered by this program and find out why you should choose this particular application.

What Does Auto Forward Offer?

First, you have to know that Auto Forward is the application allowing its users to monitor the phones of other people. Besides, this app is the ultimate backup extractor. It was created with the aim to store the data kept on the phone. With this app, your information downloaded on the device is always on safety. At any time, you can retrieve text messages, call information, multimedia files and more.

Auto Forward is endowed with a control panel which is available round-the-clock. It allows users of this program to keep an eye on the information saved on the phone. With this program, such issue as data loss is not significant anymore. Moreover, Auto Forward can help you to achieve all spying goals. By tracking the devices of other people, you will find out everything about the target individual. You are not obliged to notify the person of your intention to keep a check on his or her personal life. You can monitor anybody secretly and without physical access to the target device. Users of iOS-based tools will definitely appreciate the program. With this particular app, you are not obliged to jailbreak iPhones.

How Much Does It Cost?

The affordable pricing policy is one of the greatest benefits of Auto Forward. Comparing with the price of its competitors, this program definitely wins. To use the app, you need to make only one-time payment ($70), and that is all! You are not made to choose the billing plan or the period of subscription. It is a very lucrative offer because the sum of money includes all features provided by Auto Forward. To learn the detailed information on how to buy it, please, visit their official website.

Benefits for Users of Android Mobile Devices

The amount of provided features makes Auto Forward a reliable and irreplaceable tool for monitoring Android-based devices. Except for standard options, allowing you to keep tabs on any person, the app enables you to retrieve the deleted data. So, if some text messages or files were deleted (because of any reasons), Auto Forward gives you access to them, and you won’t lose anything important.

Benefits for Users of iPhones or iPads

autoforward spy application packageIt is a common practice when one and the same app works perfectly with Android-based devices, but we cannot say the same about iOS-based gadgets, and vice versa. In this case, things are different. Auto Forward is an excellent choice for iPhone or iPad users as well as for Android users. This particular app doesn’t require a jailbreak, depriving you of the necessity to go into details of such complex technological procedure.

Furthermore, the program is compatible with the latest version of iOS. It goes to show that any Apple device can be under control now. Regardless the complex security mechanisms of Apple’s hardware, you can install Auto Forward remotely on any iOS-based device. The tool is exactly for those who are searching for a reputable app that is compatible with both operating systems. Many positive reviews from customers prove this fact.

How Does It Work?

Auto Forward is easy to use and install. Having purchased the software, wait for an email with the keys to installation. The email contains a password, username, license key and download link. As it was already mentioned before, you can install it remotely: just enter the phone number you wish to keep a check on, and all the rest the program will do for you. You will get access to the retrieved data entering your personal control panel. To view it, please log in to your account.

Overview of Features

two smartphones with active screen full of application on one of them The software for tracking cell phones and other mobile devices is empowered with the following options.

  • Text messages. The content of each text message, including the deleted ones will spread before your eyes.
  • IMessages. The feature is crucial for iPhone users. All iMessages will be under your control.
  • Emails. You can retrieve the information about all emails of the target device.
  • Calls. The program allows you to track and even record calls. The timestamps and duration of calls are also viewable.
  • Media monitoring. Review all pictures, audio files and videos.
  • Control the web history. Be aware of all visited and bookmarked websites.
  • GPS location tracking. Wish to keep tabs on whereabouts of the target person? Such option allows you to do it without extra efforts.
  • Social activity. Monitor activities on social networking sites like Twitter, SnapChat, Viber, Instagram or Facebook.

As you see, Auto Forward is not just one more app performing a limited set of spying features. The software product can make a boast of a host of significant and useful options.

Our Verdict

After numerous tests and plenty of customers’ reviews, we can conclude that Auto Forward backup extractor is a solid choice for those users who search for a multifunctional application to monitor phones and extract data. Besides, the reviewed app can help you to protect the data saved on the phone in case the mobile device is broken or stolen. Considering its pricing policy, we can add that Auto Forward is a perfect solution for users, who want to avoid complications in choosing the billing plan. Pay only once and receive a great tool, working perfectly either with Android or iOS-based phones or tablets. The app has the best support team, which can take into consideration demands of any exacting customer. By using the capabilities of such program, your data will always be protected.


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