smartphone wifi turned onNowadays society is becoming an information-based due to the technological progress and informatization. Moreover, the rapid development of cell phone technologies has provoked the situation when hacking the mobile phones is in great demand now. Today all necessary and important information is stored on tablets or cell phones. So many users worry if someone is able to get remote access to their devices. Technology geeks can get access to your device on the one hand, and your parents or significant other can do that on the other hand. It has become possible thanks to numerous cell spy apps and even using WiFi networks.

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It’s as simple to get access to a mobile phone (Android or IOS) as to any other computer. There are so many ways to hack your device. And getting access to the devices, through WiFi is one the most widely used methods. You should always be on the alert using WiFi networks that are not familiar. Nowadays one shouldn’t be a genius to get access to someone’s device. Google search will give all necessary details about all you need to know to hack the device.

How to protect your phone from being hacked

hack phone protectionThere are several important things and vulnerabilities in the software that hackers usually use to hack your cell device.

And you should remember them and take precautions that can ensure your safety:

  • Be extremely careful using Wireless networks. In fact, you should be cautious using networks, especially free networks. Hackers usually apply social engineering: they can present pages or objects that seem to be legit and trustful. After accessing your information, they can deploy it even after you logged off the network;
  • Use strong passwords, enable password protection and never apply the option ‘remember my password’;
  • Watch carefully what software you install on your phone and what sites you visit;
  • Always turn off WiFi when you don’t actively use it.

So there is a real risk that your phone will be hacked. The hack can occur over free networks in stores, parks, coffee shops, etc. And you should understand that using free WiFi puts your phone at risk to be hacked.


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  • Margaret dust says:

    Someone is calling from a number that isn’t mine but when they call it back it goes to my voicemail and if they call it sometime my phone rings

  • Zach says:

    My Facebook profile pic keeps changing, I’ll type on to a web address and click send and my phone will go to a site I deleted from a week ago. I downloaded an app but then was told sophisticated spyware can turn off so that app is useless. My cellphone will make random light beeps but only on personal calls or bank calls. On my phone and tablet there’s a download that says “sound.” I hit delete but it doesn’t delete. When I disconnect and forget the WiFi network my phone will occasionally show for a split second the WiFi icon and then go away. It’s my personal wifiI’ve changed the pwords and other stuff. I even contacted my internet provider and was told only like a government official would have that ability but I’m not in any kind of legal/suspicious life style. They told me a person would have to be on my front porch to do that. So efficently. Also my internet will show for about a minute no connection, when I bought my phone at Walmart it was synced and connected with a person’s Facebook account and two times after that months apart. It’s sad and nuts.

  • Arianna says:

    Yes, it is very easy to do this. You guys need to be careful

  • David H says:

    Phones are easy to hack. All you have to do is download a simple spy app, because it’s happened to me

  • guck thug says:

    Good luck

  • Amy Hopper says:

    My psychotic ex and her psychotic stepfather has hacked my devices through wifi. Please tell me how to prevent future invasions. Thank you.

  • Nancy Barnett says:

    Yesterday my son had someone approach him and asked him to look up an address on his phone. The man had a phone in his hand and another in the car wasn’t working .
    I went and spoke the man and he asked to look up and address for him . I said no I don’t know him .
    I felt that he was maybe trying to hack my phone and wi-Fi
    Was I being over cautious?
    My 14 year old insisted that he was trying to steal information just wanted to know the address and tried to look it up on his own phone after the man left after th insisted that he was trying to steal information just want to know the address and tried to look it up on his own phone after the man left .help

  • Rose Marie German says:

    My neighbor Ivan Martinez has hacked my Facebook and continues to try and get in my phone. I’m so thankful for Apple today. I got what ended up to be a phishing letter, which I know was from my neighbor. He wanted me to tap on the address if I didn’t change my address on Monday. When I opened the address. I didn’t feel like looking for my password so I went to settings and just changed it. God was with me, FOR SURE!!! Because it ended up it was a phishing letter and I know it was from my neighbor. The lady from Apple told me to send reply to Apple. They will block him now they blocked his IP address and I’ll Never hear from him again!!!

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