cell-phone-spy-appsThere are so many spy apps that are available on the market now. Some of them are compatible with all existing operating systems. Some applications are used to hack iOS devices. And there is a group of spy apps which specialize in hacking Android devices. We made a small review of the best Android spy software.

Highster Mobile

highster-mobileIt is the monitoring software which can spy on any cell phone in the stealth mode. It is known as the best Android surveillance application. Highster Mobile works quickly and hacks the phone easily. It is completely undetected on the target device.

Highster Mobile provides the ability to monitor:

  • Calls;
  • SMS messages;
  • Viber and WhatsApp Messages;
  • Facebook chats and photos;
  • Instagram activities.
  • Skype contacts and messages.
  • Browser history.


flexispyFlexiSPY is the mobile surveillance application which enables its users to hack the cell phones and tablets and monitor 19 instant messengers. It is perfect for hacking Android phones.

It monitors all mobile phone activities such as communications, media files, GPS locations and user behavior silently. You can do it from any web browser using FlexiSPY. This monitoring app provides more than 150 amazing features. What is important with the help of FlexiSPY you will be able to view Tinder messages.

Notice FlexiSPY supports even the latest version of operating system Marshmallow 6.0.1.


PhoneSheriff mobile spy software reviewPhoneSheriff is the best spy app for parental control. It can be used for monitoring kids and teens.

PhoneSheriff for kids

Hack your kids’ devices with the PhoneSheriff and you will be able to protect your kids from gaining an access to some content online which you consider harmful. You will be also able to set time limits on their devices.

PhoneSheriff for teens

You can hack the tablet or phone of your teenager and protect him by knowing who he contacts. You can also prevent teenagers from communicating with suspicious people or accessing the websites which you don’t approve.



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