flexispyThere are so many people in the world who would like to spy on their children or employees to control their mobile activities in order to protect them from different dangers. And the developers decided to solve this problem and created applications that are able to track someone’s phones, tablets, and computers. If you are looking for a great tool for spying on Android device, FlexiSPY is definitely what you need.

FlexiSPY is the best surveillance app

flexispyFlexiSPY is one of the most popular and reliable surveillance apps that specializes on Android devices. But this app is compatible with many existing operating systems except for Android. The distinguishing feature of this mobile monitoring software is that it can easily spy on 18 instant messengers.

FlexiSPY is the undeniable leader in spyware industry. It was developed and designed for professional cell phone monitoring. It is compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Nokia-Symbian and can be applied to the consumer, corporate and even government markets.

The objectives of using FlexiSPY

spy flexispyOne can use FlexiSPY for different purposes. There are so many reasons for tracking someone’s  Android phone and some of them are really important. That’s why the hacking phone can prevent somebody from big problems and extreme situations. The main objectives of using this app and a review are described below.

Find out all the truth about your beloved

spouseWith the help of FlexiSPY, you can monitor all communications (calls, messages, chats), locations and browser activity of the tracked Android phone user behavior of a smartphone.


Parental control

parental controlWhere are your children now? Who they are chatting with? Who is calling your children when you are not next to them? What photos do they post on social networks like Facebook, Twitter? FlexiSPY can answer all these questions in an instant.

We can’t forbid our children to use electronic devices like cell phones or tablets. But we can use devices to our advantage downloading and installing spy apps on it. Use Flexi SPY to spy on your kid’s Android or other device and you will aware of all details.

 Know everything about your employees

employeesIf you are a business owner or a Top-manager, then Android electronic devices of your employees can become a real headache. If you don’t have fragmented and unshackled mobile platform you can face serious security problems and your business may be threatened.

Use FlexiSPY to spy on corporate Android cell phones of your employees and will know what they are talking about, what they’re doing being at their workplaces. All these can protect your company from the leaking of confidential information, and your intellectual property will be safe. But nevertheless, don’t forget about the right to privacy.

Capabilities of FlexiSPY

flexyspyFlexiSPY is a multi-functional spy application. It is a great spying tool that can offer to the customers more than  150 useful spy features for spying on Android, iOS devices as well as on devices with other operating systems.

  • Spying on calls: you will be able to intercept all calls, listen to live calls, record calls, track VOIP Call logs and VOIP Call Recording.
  • Spying on messages: view all SMS messages, MMS messages that were sent or received by the user of the target phone. You also will be able to send fake SMS message and even delete messages containing keywords.
  • Spying on passwords: you will be able to hack email passwords, application passwords easily.
  • Spying Instant Messengers: Besides messages, it allows tracking of instant text messages on different messengers like WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Instagram, Viber, Skype, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, iMessage, WeChat, etc.
  • Monitoring of GPS location: with FlexiSPY you can easily track the exact GPS location of the target Android device and view the whole route history at any time.
  • Tracking emails: FlexiSPY can provide complete access to all sent and received emails.
  • Easy access to media files on the hacked cell phone: spy on video files, photos, pictures, audio files, etc.
  • Monitoring internet activities: track all web pages that were visited by the owner of the target Android device and all bookmarks.

Along with these functions that are common for the majority of surveillance apps, FlexiSPY has distinguishing features that make it competitive on the market.

Exclusive functions of  Flexispy


  • Access to the phone camera: the app will give you an opportunity to take a picture remotely using the camera on the target phone.
  • The ability to restart the Android device.
  • Tracking the battery status of the device.
  • Remote SMS commands.

You will also be able to spy on applications that are installed on the Android or another device. You will have complete access to someone’s calendar, address book, notes, and all downloaded applications.

The app also makes it possible to listen to the Android phone’s surrounding. There is an option of recording the phone’s surrounding and listening to it later at any time.

How to use FlexiSPY

  • Buy FlexiSPY online;
  • Download the app to the target Android phone or the phone with other operating systems and run the installation file;
  • Create your personal account online using your email and password;
  • Sign into your account. Every time when your you sign into your online control panel you will be able to view all the data from the target Android device.

Installation of the app is easy enough. You also will not have any problems with the removal of this app from the target device. You can uninstall it without touching the hacked phone from your personal online account.

What you should know about FlexiSPY

flexispyBefore using FlexiSPY find out if it is legal in your area. Laws can differ greatly in different countries and states. And you should know if you will observe all laws using surveillance apps. For example, in some countries spying on spouses may be forbidden by law. Therefore, you have to make sure that downloading and installing of FlexiSPY on someone’s Android phone is allowed.

There are some restrictions of the app that should be considered. FlexiSPY doesn’t allow to block numbers or applications that are stored in phone memory. The device with Android system which you want to monitor should be rooted. In another way, the app will not be able to track Android phone activities.

FlexiSPY is a great opportunity to gain access to someone’s Android phone. There will be no secrets anymore. With FlexiSPY you will be able to track calls, messages, view all photos, videos, emails, GPS location of the target Android phone, instant messages on Viber, WhtsApp? etc.


  • Heather says:

    How do you root the android phone?

  • Samiya says:

    I want to find out what’s going on my life

  • Melissa says:

    Do I need the target phone for this to work?

    • joseph says:

      Very confused!! I dint need the target phone right? so how is the software installed on the target phone? just call the phone? in my case, I feel i’m being blocked, so how do I bypass on that issue. The phone rings, on the first ring goes to voice mail.

  • Spy Mobile Phone Software in India says:

    Flexispy is really useful software I have also used it and felt great

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