bosspy reviewSometimes we can regret that we can’t be with our children or our spouses all the time. We worry if everything is good with them. Are they safe? Where are they now? Why do not they answer the calls? What takes them so long to get home? This list of questions can be never-ending. But there is only one reason for all these questions. We ask these questions because we want to protect our kids, our families. And thanks to Bosspy it became possible.

Spy software can become a great helper in our everyday life when we have to take care of the safety of our loved ones. It is a great tool for employers and TOP – managers who want to make sure that the confidential information about their companies is safe. So if you are a business owner, a parent or a worrying spouse Bosspy is a great solution for you.

What Should You Know About Bosspy?

Bosspy is a well-known cell phone monitoring software. An enthusiastic group of young developers launched it for all people who want to use monitoring features of high quality for free. It means that you can download it without any payments. But if you liked the app you can donate some money to support the team of developers for their future projects.

What Can You Do Using Spy App?

This application enables you to monitor phone activities of your significant other, children, employees in two modes: online and offline. You can do it without any difficulties using your personal online account and at any time from any device. You just need to install the monitoring application on the target device, and you will easily gain access to tracking data (you will see all the data that goes through the target device).

But don’t forget about the right to privacy. If you are going to monitor devices of your employees or children who have already reached the age of 18, it is better to warn them about it. In this case, you will do everything within the law.

Main Monitoring Features Of Bosspy

bosspy reviewBosspy provides a full range of monitoring features. Using it, you will get a set of functions which ensures the full-fledged monitoring. This spyware is able to provide a real-time monitoring because you can upload all the information to your account once it will be generated. The most important functions are the next:

  • Tracking and recording of SMS and MMS messages. With the help of Bosspy, it is so easy to track all sent and received SMS messages. The app uploads the exact copies of received and sent messages to your online personal account. You will see all the information, including deleted SMS messages in your online panel whenever you want;
  • Monitoring phone calls. The app tracks the phone and record information on all outgoing and incoming calls. Use it and monitoring call logs will be easy for you. You will see all call logs (names, numbers, data, time) remotely on your panel;
  • Spying on messengers. It means that you can spy on all activities of the user of the target phone on his accounts on social networks. Chats on different messengers will be in front of you as well. You сan see accounts, conversations, chats, on iMessages, WhatsApp, etc. It is great because you will get information on all received, sent and deleted messages, comments, photos, posts, everything that was shared online;
  • Tracking GPS location. The current GPS location of the owner of the target device will be in a full view. This surveillance app will provide you with GPS information immediately; you should only make a request;
  • Spying on browser history. This spy application can easily provide the information on all URLs that were visited using the target cell phone. You will also see bookmarks, favorite sites.

Additional Features of Bosspy

  • Keylogger – you will get all combinations and words that the user typed on the keyboard of the target device;
  • Capturing the lock screen passcode – you will be aware of all passwords.

What Makes Bosspy Ideal?

bosspy reviewYou can Backup Your Own Activities

If you use your cell phone to its fullest potential some day, you will have to delete old information such as messages, photos, music files, etc. Many people get upset because of it. It is not so easy for them to say goodbye to some SMS or photos. With Bosspy it is not a problem anymore. This free software can do backups easy and without any efforts on your part. You should only install a silent app to your cell phone and keep using it.

Bosspy will precisely record all your activities and upload them to your account, so you will be able to review them anytime using your email and password. It works in the stealth mode.  You will be able to review all call logs (timestamp, direction), SMS messages, etc.

You Will Have a Full Control Over the Lost or Stolen Phone

In fact, all mobile devices can be easily lost or stolen due to their portability. It may create a risk of data loss, and sometimes it can be just catastrophic. This data loss can be so costly for some business people or companies. It this case some sensitive corporate information can get into the wrong hands and it may cause big problems for the company. If you use Bosspy and your phone will be stolen, this app can be very helpful. It can locate the thief and save all the information. The monitoring software will be active even if the thief changes the SIM card.

Bosspy Is Easy To Use

The app has a user-friendly interface. It is ease to use and to install. After the installation, the app hides in the back of the phone’s operating system, so the owner of the target device will not notice it. The user of the device will not be able to tamper or disable the spyware.

Bosspy is reliable and convenient monitoring application which can provide access to the information that goes through the target device in the stealth mode. You will have your personal web account that allows you to review all cell phone activities at any time from any device.


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