whatsappDigitalization of all spheres of our life and technical development caused the situation when electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, tablets, became an inalienable part of our everyday life. We use electronic devices anytime and anywhere. An alarm clock on the phone wakes us in the morning; we read news on our tablets, we order food and all necessary goods online, we communicate with our loved ones and friends using Facebook and messengers like Viber and WhatsApp.

All this can seem awesome, but there also many threats that await us on the Internet. Our children are no more safe surfing the internet. Confidential information about our company can be disclosed to competitors using WhatsApp. Our significant others with the help electronic devices and internet got new ways to cheat. And it is reasonable that people worry about their personal safety and take care of the security of their family and property.

This can explain the popularity of  mobile spy software. Surveillance spy programs give people an opportunity to control their personal and professional lives. With the help of these programs, one can monitor all messages, Facebook and WhatsApp chats of his or her spouse or partner. It is also possible to control your child’s online activity.

How to use surveillance applications

115Modern spy programs are easy to use, and their interface is user-friendly. You can gain access to someone’s WhatsApp chats without any problems. Many of them are available for both Android and iPhone. All spy programs are fast and simple. So don’t worry, you shouldn’t be a proficient developer to read someone’s WhatsApp conversations. There are several simple steps that you need to follow to install the software on the target phone or tablet. After this, installed program will do all the rest work remotely, and you will get complete access to all WhatsApp activities.

  • First of all find online and download spy software to the target phone;
  • Run the installation file;
  • Then create your personal account online using your email and password;
  • Sign up to your personal account and voila you can see all tracked WhatsApp data and information.

A good spy software will easily hack the target phone which you need to monitor and will track all the data such as phone messages, calls, photos, WhatsApp and Facebook chats and send into your account. The program allows monitoring from any device always and everywhere.  Spy apps work in a stealth mode, which makes them undetectable.

Capabilities of mobile spy apps for spying on WhatAp

39862623Surveillance services usually have a wide range of functions. Free spy apps have the common basic functions while paid apps provide additional functions. The spy apps enable you to:

  • Find out all numbers and names of people they have been chatting with on WhatsApp;
  • Track all WhatsApp chat conversations;
  • Know the time and date of each WhatsApp chat exactly;
  • View all photos, videos or audio files which were received or sent through WhatsApp on the target phone.

All information on WhatsApp conversations is tracked, gathered and uploaded directly to your personal account which you can access at any time and everywhere with an internet connection.

TOP-3 mobile apps for spying on WhatsApp

whatsappThere is a list which contains only the best spy apps that are available on the market today. They differ in their functions, and prices. But all of them are reliable and easy to use.


mSpyMSpy is called the best spy-oriented app. It is important that this app offers multiple OS support. The mSpy app is an app that provides an incredible list of functions. It can be an excellent solution for employers to track WhatsApp messages of his employees and parents who want to monitor their children’s WhatsApp activity. Another great function of the app that might be useful is the ability to track browser history, bookmarks, and ban undesirable websites. It is also important that mSpy can integrate functions of GPS tracking with Geofencing Functionality. It means that you can define the boundaries in which you want your child to stay, and the app will alert you if those boundaries will be crossed by your child. It is a great feature with the help of which you can be sure of your child’s safety.


flexispy-box-300x300FlexiSPY is a great mobile spy tool that many of users call perfect. It is a good spying app and a keylogger 2 in 1. The app is available for all existing operating systems: iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Nokia Symbian. This software offers a great range of options such as tracking SMS, MMS, phone calls, spying on accounts on social networks, WhatsApp and Viber chats, photos, videos, emails, etc. Besides, FlexiSpy enables you to lock the phone remotely. It is fast, easy to use and doesn’t require special skills. The price of the app is quite affordable, and the user can choose one of two available options: Premium package or Extreme package.


ikeymonitoriKeyMonitor is used to be a user-friendly but still strong messaging spy application. This phone tracker makes it possible to monitor all WhatsApp chats, to hack passwords, view photos, and screenshots. So this app is a great way to monitor and check all data that your children, spouses, significant others or colleagues hide in their WhatsApp chats, Facebook conversations, emails, etc. This mobile tracker covers a wide range of languages. Many languages are available from Spanish to Russian. The app is easy to download and install. iKeyMonitor  is compatible with all jailbroken devices that work on operating system iOS 6.0 or later. The trial version of the app is available on the official website of the developer. The regular price for this mobile spy software is also quite affordable.

So modern phone trackers can help us to solve numerous issues in our personal and professional lives. Spy applications that are available on the market today can easily monitor all WhatsApp and Viber chats, Facebook activities, emails, text messages, phone calls, photos, videos, and GPS location of the target phone. Just install spy software, and you will get complete access to the target phone, and no secrets will be hidden from you anymore.


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