easy spy review boxEasy Spy is new and advanced software that guarantees full access and detailed information on all phone activities. Easy Spy is not just software that could be used by parents or employers. You can use this phone application for many other purposes. The following review highlights features of Easy Spy and tells you more about its beneficial usage.

What is Easy Spy for?

Teenagers are much more progressive that we were at the same age. They are good users of computers and mobile devices. It is worth saying that teenagers use mobile phones instead of computers much oftener. Easy Spy was developed as a program that could help parents to monitor phones of their kids. Later it became popular among employers and couples, who have suspicious that their spouse is cheating.

How Easy Spy works

easy spy review sms listingEasy Spy program is compatible only with Apple devices and Android phones. You cannot install it on other phones as it will not work properly. Note that in order to install the soft, you need to have physical access to the phone. iPhones must be jailbroken. To start using Easy Spy, it is important to purchase it on the official website of the program. You are strongly recommended to avoid other sources especially offering spying programs for free. Let’s be honest, all good and reliable things cost money. The same refers to computer and phone soft.

The price for the software is fixed and does not contain any hidden payments – only 69, 99 $. The website accepts Visa and Master Card payments.  All transactions are safe and protected with encryption technology. Once you have paid, you will receive an e-mail, which will contain information needed to start installation on the phone. You should use “over the air” method to install the program. During the process of installation, you need to indicate phone number of the target phone. When the installation is over, you get full access to all activities of the phone.

Customer Support

In case you experience any problems or simply have questions, you can contact Customer Support team by e-mail or phone. Friendly and helpful Support team will help you with any issue. The only one minus is working hours. You can contact Support team only on Monday- Friday, 9am-5pm.

Most Efficient Features of Easy Spy

easy spy reviewEasy Spy offers a wide range of features that can track any activity of the user. It might be hard to imagine, but it is possible to find what you want.

Tracking all kinds of messages:

  • Call tracking. Easy Spy tracks all incoming and outgoing phone calls. Call log data presents info on cell phone number, time of the call and its duration. Employers, who want to make sure their personnel is making only business calls with the corporate phone, frequently use this feature. As a matter of fact, call monitoring has prevented information leakage many times and proved to be efficient.
  • SMS/MMS. Even if a message has been deleted from the phone, you can quickly retrieve data. With Easy Spy software you can upload information to control panel.Text message log includes not only the content of each message but also details of both phones. You will know the number of sender or receiver, and the topic of conversation.
  • Some features are different, and this is the result of basic differences between operating systems of the phone. For instance, if you use iPhone, Easy Spy will be able to control iMessages too, which are typical only for Apple mobile devices.
  • Social Networks. Along with web history, you receive access to social networking of the phone. The app records activity on most popular social networks and programs such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Skype, etc. With Easy Spy you will have a better understanding of how the mobile device is used by employees or your children.
  • E-mail log. Checking e-mails might be crucial for businesses, who protect their commercial data and do not want third parties to find out any confidential information. Monitor activity of personnel to be confident that there is no leakage of sensitive information.

Other useful features:

  • Photos and Videos. Media gallery is also available for the program. With Easy Spy you can view photos and video taken and recorded with target phone.
  • GPS location. Do you want to know more about places your kids spend time in while they are out of the house? No problem! GPS tracker of Easy Spy identifies the exact location of the mobile phone and is shown in Google Maps. Easy Spy allows you to know where your kid is, and how your husband spends time after work.
  • Camera control. This feature works perfectly well with GPS locator as you can not only identify the exact place of the mobile device but also make photos or videos with the camera of the phone and see where the user is at a certain moment. You can save all media files on laptop or flash drive.
  • Website history. The program provides you also with the possibility to check which URLs your target “victim” has visited, when and how much time the user spent online. It is a good feature if you want to know how much time employees spend on Facebook at work.
  • Contact and calendar. Teenagers are very progressive and use calendar of the phone to save events and make reminders. Having the opportunity to check the calendar of your kids is a great chance to know how they are going to spend time out of the home. The same basically refers to the phonebook – monitor new contacts in the phone of your child. Kids meet a lot of new friends on social media, and it might be a good idea to keep an eye on their new friends with Easy Spy app to make sure they are honest and can be trusted.


Easy Spy is an application that will save you a lot of time and money. If you have never tried spying apps, feel free to use this one.


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