Hoverwatch reviewHoverwatch is a multifunctional and universal tracking application. It is quite effective for spying on cell phones and for monitoring computers. Hoverwatch provides a full range of monitoring features, which can ensure the sophisticated monitoring. The full scope of its features you can get from the following review. With the help of Hoverwatch app, you can monitor your kids, employees and even spouses. But do not neglect the right to privacy. The violation of this right may lead to problems with the law so think well. If you are going to monitor your employees, they should be warned about it.

What are the purposes of using Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch review

How do you think is it great to find out who is your spouse chatting with and why is he so secretive with his device? I think that the answer is “yes.” And it is great that you can do it easily with the help of spy apps. Use surveillance software, and you will be able to see all activities of the owner of the target phone and all data that goes through his or her device. So if you are looking for the effective spy app, Hoverwatch is definitely what you need.

Parental control

You can protect your kids with the help of this great invisible mobile tracker. Hoverwatch provides live tracking feature for Android mobile phones. In fact, unrestricted access to communication and opportunities to access any information at any time can be good on the one hand. But at the same time, it may be harmful. We don’t know who texts or calls our children because we can’t be with them all the time. With the help of Hoverwatch Cell Phone Tracking App, you’ll be aware of all their activities while they are out of home. You should only install Hoverwatch on their Android devices, and you can start monitoring their phones and computers using your personal, convenient online panel.

Locate the device

The location is the thing in which we are interested most of all when we decide to monitor someone’s device. It doesn’t matter if it is the device of your kid or significant other. We worry about them. And this feature helps us to be calm about their safety. Hoverwatch Cell Phone Tracker helps users to find their children at any moment. There is also another great news. The app saves the location history and retains it. It means that you can return to the history of the location at any time and view where your children are and where they were some time ago.

Monitoring employees

Don’t think that Hoverwatch is useful only for personal need. It is also quite effective for tracking devices of employees. You have to be aware of all that is happening in the company if you are a business owner. You have to monitor compliance with confidentiality issues. The manager should make sure that confidential (marketing, credit, financial, manufacturing) information is protected.  Hoverwatch can become a good assistant in these situations. You can use it to track devices of your employees. You will track all texts and calls of your employees, and you can have an ability to find out if there is something that can threaten your company. It is also a great opportunity to reduce expenditures because all devices will be used only for professional needs.

How to Use Hoverwatch?

  • Go to the official website of  Hoverwatch Tracking App;
  • Find and choose a Signup option on the website of the software;
  • Use your valid email address a suitable password and create your personal account;
  • Then navigate to the panel “Add Device”;
  • After adding a device, you will get detailed instructions on the installation process as well as an active link to the file;
  • Adjust parameters and settings of the target phone or another device to meet requirements of the installation process;
  • Download the installation file of the application and after that, install it;
  • Open the app and enter your login credentials. You should activate the service, and from that moment you can start monitoring.

 Monitoring Features of Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch review

  • Tracking Texts. Hoverwatch tracks all messages of Android devices and gives an opportunity to view copies of all sent and received SMS. It means that you’ll get access to all sent and received messages in one click at any time. With the help of the app, you can be aware of all details about SMS: names, numbers, date and the exact time of receiving or sending messages. You also get the opportunity to track images that the sender or receiver included in the message;
  • Monitoring Phone Calls. If you are a user of Hoverwatch, you can view the history and details of all outgoing and incoming calls. You get the opportunity to be aware of duration, time and date logs, numbers and names of incoming and outgoing calls,
  • Spying Social Media Accounts. Spy on all activities which are conducted by the owner of the target device on his or her accounts on social media. There is an opportunity to spy on Facebook accounts and different social messengers such as Viber or WhatsApp;
  • GPS Location Tracking. This amazing function is very useful for parental control. It gives the access to tracking the current GPS location of the owner of the target device. The app displays it on the map, and you see the location of the device in real time. Make a request and get information in several seconds;
  • Activation of Front Camera. This innovative function remotely activates the action of the front camera of the device and takes photos. This process is automated. Be aware of what the user does with his phone during the day.
  • Tracking Web Browser. With Hoverwatch you can get relevant information on the list of URLs of web sites as well as bookmarks.


So as you see, Hoverwatch is a quite reliable app which is able to provide so many useful monitoring features. It is perfect for employers who want to be aware of the activities of their employees and parents who worry about their children. Do you still doubt? Just try Hoverwatch, and you’ll see that it’s perfect decision.


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    What if u apply it to a phone have everything working and the vic goes out of town of awhile all in the same state just different city will it still track call and sms

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