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Although security incidents on Facebook have repeatedly occurred over the years, many continue to use this social network. Moreover, the number of new users is constantly growing every day, which allows Facebook to set new records. As of Dec 31, 2018, Facebook had a monthly audience of 3.13 billion users, with a daily average of about 1.7 billion. Maybe they all do not know how to hack a Facebook account and that it is not an easy thing to do?

The most unpleasant thing is that the more technological our life becomes, the more vulnerable we become to intruders. Even if we share incomplete information, in case of urgent need, knowledgeable people access our email and Facebook accounts in order to fill in the informational voids regarding our personal data. So what are the ways to crack a Facebook password and how do we protect ourselves?

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Method 1: How to hack into a Facebook account by resetting a password?

If do not know how to hack a facebook account password without downloading anything, this method will definitely suit you best. The easiest way to access someone else’s Facebook account is to reset a password. Implement this method easier for people who are on the list of friends of the one whose account is going to be hacked.

  1. The first step is to get an email used for authorization (you can find it in the section with contacts in the victim’s profile).
  2. Open the login page, click on the link “Forgotten account?” and enter the victim’s email. After the account appears, click on “This is my account”.
  3. You will be asked if you want to reset your password via email. Since we will be accessing a Facebook account by other methods, click on “No longer have access to these”.
  4. You will automatically see the question “How can we reach you?” Enter the email address you can access to. This address must not be linked to any Facebook account.
  5. You will be asked to answer one question. So if you know the victim well, you can probably answer it. Otherwise, you should try to find the answer yourself. If you manage to answer correctly, you change the password in a few clicks.
  6. Wait 24 hours to log into the victim’s account with new credentials.

Method 2: Use Keylogger

Those seeking a solution on how to hack a Facebook account easily should definitely consider using keyloggers. The best thing about them is that keyloggers allow you to track not only a Facebook account but also any other information a victim types on his or her device.

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Keylogger software

A keylogger is an application that steals the entered information without accessing the target device at the moment of spying. How to hack a facebook account with a keylogger? All you need to do is to download this application to the victim’s PC or smartphone and install it there. Thus, the keylogger starts working in the background and intercepts all keystrokes entered on it. You can configure all the data and have all the collected information sent to your email.

Hardware keylogger

Hardware keyloggers function exactly the same way as their software analogs. The only difference is that you need to connect a USB stick with software to the victim’s computer, where captured keystrokes are stored. Subsequently, you only need to insert the USB flash drive into the target computer and extract the collected information to it.

There are several types of hardware keyloggers; all of them are great solutions to how to hack a facebook account back. Models like Keyllama must be connected to the victim’s computer and can work in any operating system. To get the collected information, you must have physical access to the device. As an alternative option, you can also use a keyboard spy with Wi-Fi support. The collected information is sent via email or downloaded via Wi-Fi.

How to protect yourself from the keylogger app?

  1. Use a firewall that monitors network activity and is able to track suspicious operations, as keyloggers usually send the collected information via the Internet.
  2. Install a password manager. Password managers automatically fill out all the necessary forms without using the keyboard.
  3. Install updates in a timely manner. As soon as the developer company finds out that vulnerabilities have appeared in the application, it begins working on fixing that. Older software versions potentially cause additional holes in your system.
  4. Change passwords. In case you still do not feel secure, you need to change passwords every two weeks. At first glance, this approach seems too radical, but, on the other hand, passwords stolen by hackers will lose their relevance too quickly.

Method 3: Phishing

Although this scenario is much more difficult to implement than the previous two, phishing remains one of the most popular ways to gain access to absolutely any account. The most popular type of phishing is associated with the creation of a fake login page. A link to this page is usually sent to the mail of the victim and is no different from the usual form of authorization. One of the difficulties is that you need to create an account on a web hosting, which is actually a fake page itself.

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Method 4: Additional hack methods

How to hack a Facebook account without resetting the password? Is there anything to do without phishing hacks and keylogger software? More advanced users can familiarize themselves with two more manuals: Same Origin Policy Facebook hack and Facebook Password Extractor (the second method is a bit simpler).

How to protect the Facebook account from hacking?

  1. In the account settings, check the box next to the option Secure Browsing (security section). Firesheep will not be able to intercept cookies if you work through a secure protocol (for example, HTTPS).
  2. Constantly enabled SSL. Use the HTTPS-Everywhere and Force-TLS extensions for Firefox.
  3. When leaving a Facebook page, end the authorization session. Firesheep cannot support authorization if you have logged off.
  4. Use only reliable Wi-Fi networks. A hacker may sit near you at a Starbucks cafe to view your mail without your knowledge.
  5. Use a VPN. In this case, all your traffic will be encrypted, even if the attacker intercepts the information using fake Wi-Fi, he will not be able to get anything useful.

Summing things up

Even taking into account the existing possibilities of hacking your Facebook account, which we have considered in this post, social networks can be easily used and you can remain protected. For this, you have take certain measures and think well before you want to publish something in your profile. The less information you publish, the harder it is for hackers to access your account. If you pursue a different goal, we hope this post has answered your question on how to hack a facebook account for free — no download, no surveys.


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