mobistealth-applicationThese days more and more people start taking the advantages of the modern phone monitoring software products. As a result, software market offers users an extensive choice of spy apps, such as Mobistealth.

Sometimes, it is a challenge to make the right choice. In this review, we are going to analyze all features and peculiarities of the leading phone monitoring software product called Mobistealth.

Top Features Provided by Mobistealth App

mobistealth-reviewsLet’s start from the main features offered by Mobistealth.

  • Monitor text messages. It allows users to view any sent or received SMS messages of the person you wish to control.
  • View applications. Due to this option you (as a person who monitors the phone of another person) may see all the programs he or she activates or downloads.
  • Monitor chat messengers. Nowadays, people frequently use applications for instant messaging like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc. With Mobistealth, you can view each message, audio or video file, sent or received via these apps.
  • Control web browsing. The browsing history of the target smartphone or laptop is under your control. You have the opportunity to see which websites the person you monitor views.
  • Track location with and without GPS option. Even if the GPS connection fails, you can find out where the target person is at the moment. The phone tracker catches signals from Satellite towers.
  • Spy on contacts. You can view the contact list of the target individual. Besides, you may also control all appointments of the person.
  • Track images and video files. No one can hide essential data from you because of the ability to view pictures and videos captured on the target phone.
  • Keylogging. This option works great if you need to know passwords or another typed data on the target cell phone.
  • Call recording. With Mobistealth you may record any call you wish. You will receive all files on your online account and will be able to listen to them anytime you need.
  • Surround Recording. The feature of Mobistealth allows users to track where the target person is at the moment by recording the surroundings.

As you see, Mobistealth complies with requirements of the most demanding customers. The range of features is very extensive and offers users lots of opportunities. Nevertheless, surfing the web, you will definitely find a number of similar applications that are stealth. How to make your choice? Everything depends on your spying goals.

Core Audience of Mobistealth

spy-mobiLooking through the official website of the phone tracker, we conclude that mostly, Mobistealth focuses on two categories of customers:

  1. Parents who wish to control their kids
  2. Employers who are greatly concerned about the question that their employees misuse the company owned mobile devices and computers

Benefits for Parents

teen-phoneYou will hardly find a parent, who can be with a kid all day long. So, fast development of modern technologies obliges parents to control mobile devices of their children for their safety. Some surveillance features of Mobistealth software enable users to be with their children, even being far away from them. In most cases, kids have mobile phones or tablets. Having installed Mobistealth onto their phones, you will know each step of your offspring.

Kids can’t control their screen time, and they are not ready to overall information, available floating on the Internet. Mobistealth allows you to filter out applications you consider to be inappropriate. With the advanced features of this software product such as location tracking, monitoring of instant messengers or call and SMS control, you can see where your kid is right now, with whom he spends free time and what content he browses.

Nevertheless, comparing Mobistealth software with Flexispy (one more decent spy software for monitoring phones), a number of instant messengers the app can track is not so big. Flexispy tracks 19 instant messengers!

Benefits for Employers

employee-on-phoneMobistealth is not just the phone tracker, which spies on mobile phones only. This application is also regarded as comprehensive computer monitoring software. Mobistealth is compatible with Windows and Mac. It means that any employer can install the software product on the work computers of employees and be sure that these persons really work. Comparing with Flexispy or XNspy that are compatible with Android and iOS-based devices, it is a real benefit.
Mobistealth for employers offers the following features:

  • Yahoo and MSN Chat Log;
  • Access to the Web History;
  • Skype Chat;
  • Keystroke logging.

Except for monitoring computers, employers can easily control mobile phones of their employees with the aim to prevent the corporate information leak.

Pricing Policy or How Much Does the Capability to Monitor Phones Cost?

the-price-good-qAs a rule, it is the most exciting part of each review of phone spying software. Mobistealth software offers several billing plans that depend on the device you need to track. Let’s proceed to facts.

  • If you wish to control the activities of Android-based devices, the average price per month will be $17. The price for the complete set of features is $27 per month.
  • If you need to monitor Apple devices, the average price is $33 per month.
  • Those who are searching for Blackberry monitoring software will also be satisfied with the offer. The cost of the billing plan comprising all features of the software is $27 per month.
  • Those who wish to control computers based on Windows will pay from $13 to $20 per month. The price for Mac monitoring software is $13 per month.

Such a good performance of billing plans is a real benefit of the application. With this offer, users may choose the one, which corresponds to their requirements and can avoid the overpayment for unnecessary features.


Mobistealth is a reputable application to spy on phones and computers. Analyzing all features of this software product, we can say that this app can be your secret bug and it makes no matter what device you wish to track: phone, tablet or computer. The software product offers several billing plans that can meet the requirements of all types of consumers.

We definitely recommend Mobistealth to all users, who are searching for the reliable application working with no hitch. This software product operates on all major carriers. Now, you are not made to choose among several priorities. Mobistealth app is a complete set of all features that will provide you with the information about the target person.


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