OwnSpy What is an OwnSpy app? This spy app is not just the software for concerned lovers and spouses. It can be used as a valuable business tool, which is able to save time and money on some routine tracking processes. OwnSpy helps to protect important confidential information and corporate data.

OwnSpy is also an effective tool for parental control. It helps parents to be aware of where are their children and what are they doing. With the help of OwnSpy app, you will see copies of all texts, SMS messages, the list of all calls and visited websites. So the usefulness of this application cannot be overestimated.

Compatibility of OwnSpy

OwnSpy is iPhone and Android compatible. It means that you can install OwnSpy on any Android device or iPhone. You should remember that all operating systems and all versions are different and that’s why not all the options will be available on both of them. If you want to protect or monitor your Android tablet or iPad, don’t worry, the OwnSpy phone spy app can work on them as well.

You should also keep in mind that you have to jailbreak your iOS device or root your Android device. This allows you to use all the features. You can read about iOS jailbreaking here and about Android rooting here.

Features of OwnSpy

OwnSpy OwnSpy provides a wide range of monitoring features. The main of them are the next:

  • SMS tracking;
  • Web browser history monitoring;
  • Spying on incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Tracking social messengers;
  • Spying on media gallery;
  • Screen and call recording;
  • Tracking apps with the help of OwnSpy;
  • Spying on address book, etc.

All these functions together provide sophisticated monitoring. Let’s look closer at the main of them.

Monitoring texts

You know that texting is the fastest way of all modern ways of communication between people who use cell phones. Sure, you can use the smartphone to call someone, but still, mobile SMS messages are useful because they are easy to send, immediate and they keep a record of your communication. In fact, texting is broadly used among kids and teenagers to communicate with their friends. That’s why supervising texts are needed to make sure that your kids are safe. It is a useful tool of parental control.

WhatsApp tracking

It is another popular way of communicating. WhatsApp is known as one of those apps that almost all of us use in everyday life. You can chat to anyone you want for free using this amazing app. So your employees or your kids use this application to communicate with the other part. But at the same time, your children may use it to communicate with someone unreliable or suspicious. Just supervise WhatsApp using OwnSpy, and you will be aware of who your kids or employees are talking to.

Call history tracking

Whenever the owner of the target phone makes or receives a call, OwnSpy will keep track the recording. It saves details about when and who the user calls to. This information is saved in the call history database. Monitoring the history of all incoming and outgoing calls is really important if you want to know everything about someone secrets. You will get a personal copy of the list of all calls, which will be accessible from any device with the Internet connection. Jut sign into your personal OwnSpy control panel.

Spying on web history

ownspyWhenever the owner of the target device visits a website, it will be saved and registered in the special file as a web history. By keeping track of the web browser history with OwnSpy, a parent can be confident that his or her child is browsing the right websites, and therefore he is safe. At the same time, the employer can make sure that employees don’t waste their working time and company’s resources on browsing entertainment portals and websites. Web browser history is a vital piece of useful information because each of us uses a web browser for almost everything nowadays.

Tracking media files

Media gallery is an important part of monitoring. In fact, today kids and teenagers are taking pictures of everything, and at the same time, they share these pictures like nothing important. Spying on pictures and other media files is a special safety measure to be confident that your children are not sharing some vital things. For example, kids may not be conscious of sharing some important details like your license when they are taking a photo of your car. They just don’t realize that such things can be very dangerous. Own Spy will keep track of every media file, including pictures, music, voice recording, video saved in the phone or taken with the help of the camera. You will be able to browse media files using your OwnSpy control panel.

Screen recording

You can select the applications which are installed on the target phone and which you want to track. Whenever the apps are used, the OwnSpy application will take a screenshot, and it will be uploaded to your control panel. With this great feature, you can easily monitor any app on the target device. You should keep in mind that recording video drains the battery quickly.


As you can see, the OwnSpy surveillance application provides complete access to the target device thanks to the numerous sophisticated monitoring features. With its help, you will be aware of every detail, and there will be no secrets from you anymore. If you are still hesitating, you can read more about spy apps here.


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