spyera-phone-monitoringModern society is obsessed with technologies that massively seeped into our lives. There are both good and bad sides in this case. We can reach any point on the globe in just one second while our personal data and traces of our online activity make us often vulnerable. Fortunately, there are products that can protect us and make our life easier at the same time. Let’s talk about monitoring software and exactly about one of the best applications on the market these days, SpyEra.

About SpyEra

spyeraIn this independent review, you will learn more about SpyEra and its features. Also, we will check out its strong and weak sides along with pros and cons of its exploitation. All the details you need to know about this software are reliable and were received through accurate personal tests and live usage. If you already have your own experience of SpyEra usage, you also may find this review useful. There are various applications reviewed on our website and you can easily compare them.

Hong Kong is the place where the main development powers of SpyEra are based. This software lets its users from all over the world to monitor various gadgets such as phones and tablets with modern operating systems. You can capture and even record incoming or outgoing phone calls. One of the most innovative features for SpyEra is its ability to record surroundings of the target phones. Files transfers and any other activities on the target gadget are available for your view. But let’s talk about SpyEra features and capabilities.


spyera-reviewsThere are various useful and less useful features offered by SpyEra. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Live calls are monitoring. One of the most impressive features SpyEra offers is live monitoring and recording of all the incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone. You can set any number as a special one to be alerted with an SMS sent to your phone.
  • Emails are tracking. Every single email received or sent from a target phone will be logged by the software. Even the deleted emails are also available for your view. Besides that, SpyEra supports multiple languages.
  • Surrounding monitoring. SpyEra is one of those innovative phone spying applications that are able to record and transmit surroundings of the target phone. This software is a perfect and unique tool for remote control.
  • Live calls are recording. Except logging all info about incoming and outgoing calls, SpyEra also may record a certain call if you need it. All the details about calls such as date, number, and duration are also available.
  • Password logger. This feature is extremely helpful for those people who want to track their children or spouse. All the passwords that were typed on the target phone will be accurately logged by the software and sent to your personal account.
  • GPS location tracker. Another unique feature for SpyEra users. It is extremely popular among parents. With a special GPS tracker built into this software, you can easily check the location of the target phone user. It  works really accurately and with no errors.


spyera-compatabilityOne of the most important things every future SpyEra user should check out is the compatibility of the software and the target phone. Not every monitoring application can deal with all operating systems existing nowadays. Fortunately, SpyEra is able to work with every popular operating system you know. The installation process is also very simple, and it takes about five minutes to deal with the entire process.

Cell Phones Supported:

  • iPhone
  • BlackBerry
  • Android
  • Symbian
  • Windows

The Price

spyera-priceThe price is often an essential point for lots of users of various applications. And those people who are looking for cheap monitoring software, probably, will find SpyEra too expensive. And here you should ask yourself what you are expecting for monitoring software, what features, and what quality level of performance. SpyEra needs no extra skills to be used, and this is also a good point to make it worth of its money.

If you want your monitoring software to provide you with reliable and top-class features, SpyEra will work for you perfectly. The price is totally worth it. The basic three-month plan is really affordable while the gold version would work better for corporate clients with solid budgets for their security and control. There are lots of companies these days with corporate gadgets that should be controlled properly. You can easily check out your employee’s web browser history or GPS location when he is late to work.


  • SpyEra is one of the most comfortable applications to use. The software has a user-friendly interface which is very easy to use even for the first time.
  • SpyEra is all in one type of monitoring software. It means that just one single application is able to perform all the functions.
  • Available reports. It is very easy to download reports by SpyEra. This point increases the entire comfort of the software exploitation.


  • Some iPhone users complain about difficulties while installing the software on iOS powered devices. Actually, we had no problems with the installation on iPad neither on Android smartphone.
  • Some customers may find SpyEra quite expensive. Not all users, especially inexperienced ones, are ready to pay the price this software requires. But you should realize that these kind of top-class apps were never cheap.


SpyEra has its pros and cons as any other monitoring software. Your deal is to compare it to some others you like and make your decision. If you want to get a reliable, high-quality monitoring helper, this software will work perfectly for you. But if you want just to play spy for a moment and learn your kid’s password, it is not necessary to buy such a powerful tool as SpyEra. It is your turn to decide, and there are minimum chances to be wrong.


  • Angela says:

    Spyera only works half the time, so buyer beware! I think they are a rip off and so I became highly disappointed in Spyera because for 3 days it couldn’t connect to the targte’s device. How frustrating is that, given the money I paid for the services. I never had to spy on anyone, but Spyera was very useful when I wanted to know the truth about this person. Although some features like WhatsApp didn’t work, it performed well by recording phone calls, ambience, tracking GPS locations in real time.

  • Michael says:

    DO not … I repeat Do NOT do business with this Chinese company… I tried to cancel my contact and to receive a refund because there is no support for IOS 11.2.5 and they refuse to even answer my email request … rip-off … scam … thieves !!! Do not waste your money! It doesn’t work. It’s just a waste of money ! Trust me on this.
    Michael Ryan

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