SurePoint review

Pros: Using SurePoint, you can view even deleted info from a target phone such as multimedia files, contacts, SMS, etc.

Cons: Sometimes GPS takes too long to get its status updated.

Conclusion: A perfect solution both for personal and corporate use. The price is very reasonable and has no monthly fees.

There are hundreds of various cell phone spy software these days. You can obviously choose anything you like no matter what is the reason for you to use spy software. But if you are looking for something really reliable, you should take this case a little bit more serious. SurePoint can become your perfect phone monitoring software even if there are few reasons for you to use it. Yes, it works perfectly both for personal and commercial use.

If you want to protect your kids from internet bullies and inappropriate content and at the same time you try to catch your employee who is selling your corporate secrets to competitors, it would be the right decision for both of these cases. Its monthly subscription fee is zero. Yes, on the market which is full of those payable phone monitors, this is something really interesting and fresh. $69.99 is just one-time price, and it is very reasonable according to the list of features you get along with this great mobile phone monitor. Let’s find out how it is functioning and installing.

How to Install SurePoint

  • Start with a simple purchase of the installation file.
  • Download the phone monitor on a target phone and launch the installation which will take you about two or three minutes.
  • Activate the software with your personal license key which you get after buying the monitoring program.
  • Start using the spy application remotely from your own mobile phone or tablet as soon as it is activated.

How to Monitor with SurePoint

SurePoint reviewThe entire monitoring process is very simple and should not get any stresses because of it. You can use SurePoint anywhere on the planet; of course, you need to have an internet connection. But all the logs will be updated as soon as the internet is renewed on your cell phone. Just enter the official website and log in your personal cabinet.

With the help of control panel, you can easily view logged information from a target phone. The target mobile phone also should be connected to the internet, but even without the connection this spy monitor will be logging the information and send it to you as soon as the connection is renewed.

SurePoint Spy features:

  • SMS and all text messages tracker
  • Social media monitoring system
  • GPS location tracker
  • Emails viewer
  • Incoming and outgoing calls monitor
  • Constant access to contacts
  • Browser history monitor
  • Remote camera control

But what is even more impressing about the program is its ability to restore deleted data. Yes, even if your cheating spouse has deleted his love affair proves from his cell phones such as SMS messages, emails, photos, and videos, this phone monitoring software still can log it and send to you. Also, if you will install this spy software on your own phone, you can easily restore any important info for yourself. This is the perfect chance for you to get the fullest picture of what is going on behind your back in your family and business.


SurePoint reviewCompatibility means a lot to the modern digital society. As there are lots of various cell phones and tablets, there are also few main operating systems. That is why it is so important for spying software to be compatible with various operating systems. There are phone spy apps fitting better iPhones while others work better with Android cell phones. Well, SurePoint is the perfect choice for both of these cases.

Some Satisfied Customers

“I started using this amazing spy software a few months ago. I’m a manager in an IT company. The reason I started using it was to monitor my employees while they are using our corporate devices. There were few issues that forced me as a manager to get such a solution, and the spy application I had chosen was brilliant. Now I’m completely sure each of my employees uses our phones for job purposes only. As you know, personal life should not connect with business and SurePoint helped me to set the borders correctly and effectively. Great job!”Sandy Marshall

“Hello there. I’m a mother of three teenagers, two boys, and a girl. Probably, you all know how tough this age can be, and my kids are perfect examples of those rebellious kids with a bunch of secrets. They constantly make me worry about their safety, and I just needed something to give me a peace of mind. Now everything is just fine as I can always check out where they are at the moment. No matter if they are at home, school or anywhere else, this is not a problem for me anymore.” Rebecca Johnson

“I was always a jealous person. Sometimes it seemed like a decrease, but I just could not do anything with that. The situation became even worse after my girlfriend cheated on me. We split, and my next girl became a real victim of my jealousy. It was a nightmare. Those constant fights over my fears and suspicions almost make us break up, but this cool spy software saved us. I installed it on my girlfriend’s smartphone, and now I can always check out if she is telling me the truth.” Jeremiah Cohen

In Summary

As you see, there are various solutions for you, and there are lots of reasons you can start using one of those phone monitoring applications. But if you are looking for something versatile and reliable, SurePoint would be the perfect choice at home or work. To learn more about the spy program enter its official website.


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