texting spyThere has been a lot of furor when it comes to privacy, in one way or privacy has been overrated, everyone is demanding privacy. What people do not really understand and no matter how hard you try is that everything comes at a price.

You cannot have absolute privacy, one way or another you will have to forego the privilege. Some people cannot afford privacy, not in terms of money or wealth but in terms of status, profession, and age. Children, employees, and spouses are mostly affected because someone will constantly be monitoring what you are doing.

Technology brought about a lot of things and phones being one of them. When these gadgets are used correctly, they have a very positive outcome but if they are misused, they have very disastrous results. Constant vigilance is advised when it comes to the usage of these gadgets.

Phones offer many communication services, but the commonly abused ones are messages, phone calls, and the internet. Almost everyone nowadays owns a phone and thing is it has no age limit. Since there can be no limitation on how one is using the phone, the invention of monitoring apps came into existence.

This spy app monitors what someone else is doing and puts it into a record for you to see. As much as it is violating the privacy rule, it is doing more good than harm. It is mostly used by parents, manages or spouses. It keeps track of the messages one is sending, browsing or calling and also gives the location of the individual.

Uses of the spy app


  • For parents, they can monitor what their children are doing on the phone, who they are sending messages or calling. This is paramount because you can prevent your children from indulging in a deviant behaviour or communication considering the fact that our kids are naïve and people can take advantage of this fact.
  • Employers also use this surveillance app to prevent employees from divulging trade secrets to rival companies. Divulgence of information has devastating effects and can even make a company collapse. Therefore, employers have to be very vigilant.
  • Spouses can use this app to catch cheating partners. You can monitor who your spouse sends messages to, calls and their location at any time you want. This will discourage cheating, or you can catch whatever is happening before it escalates.

Features of the texting spy app

texting spy

  • The message app is first downloaded from their website and then it is installed on either your phone or computer. It can be used by different mobile phone users; Android and iPhone users. You have to install the app on both your phone and the phone of the individual you want to spy on. Parents will install it on their children’s phones, employers on their employees’ phone and spouses the same. The message spying app can be installed discretely such that the other party will not have a knowledge of its existence. This will make the spying easier and the results more forthcoming.
  • For the message spying app to start functioning, you will have to open an account where all information logs will be sent to you after installing it into your phone. All messages, phone calls, and information will be transferred to your account without the knowledge of the party being spied on. You will be able to access this account using any gadget regardless of your position or distance from the spied This is advantageous because when you do not have your phone nearby, you can still access your account using any browser.
  • Deleting messages will not affect the information in your logs because your account is updated as soon as it happens. As soon as a message is received on the other end, it is also received on your account therefore even if they delete messages or phone calls you will still have the information on record. You can even have record phone calls, but this feature is only available to premium rate users. Whereby you can have records as evidence.
  • All messages that are sent to the other phone will be dated on occurrence. This feature is very important because time really matters when it comes to spying on someone. Knowing the exact time something occurred can go a long way in determining the extent of damage or impact of the correspondence.
  • For premium rate users there is a feature which will enable you to have a live view of the messages being sent to the other individual’s phone. This feature is called the Live Control Panel. Once you logged into your account and chose the feature, you will be able to see what is happening on the other side. The only disadvantage is that you cannot control the person’s phone using your account, but you can keep track of everything that is happening. The only service lacking on this app is the screenshot feature.
  • Ethically you will have to inform your children or employees that their gadgets have the message spying app so that they can check what they do with their gadgets. But if you want to do it anonymously, you can put the app discretely, and you can spy on their messages.
  • The message app will also notify you once the spied on party changes his/her phones sim card. This will give you ample time to change your tactics or install another app on the gadget.


The message spying app doesn’t spy on texts only as you have seen but also other information too in the individual’s phone. It doesn’t really infringe on someone’s privacy but also enables other parties too to protect their interest. It will only bring about problems if it is used for the wrong reasons and that is why it is advisable to inform all parties on the existence of the app on their phones.

Either way, we can say that privacy is not a mandate everywhere or sometimes the privilege has to be infringed in order to bring about normalcy in some situations and also to improve the relations between people.


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