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Do you still believe that spy games are fiction? You are wrong! Spying has become reality thanks to mobile spy apps. With their help, it is possible to control someone’s phones and tablets and monitor all phone and online activities. Using spy apps you will gain an access to all secrets which are hidden in SMS messages, accounts and chats on social media networks, photos, calls, etc. You will be also able to control all movements with the help of GPS location monitoring option.

About TheTruthSpy

thetruthspy-reviewTheTruthSpy is one of the most popular mobile monitoring applications which is able to give you the opportunity to control all phone calls, messages, and other activities. If you want to spy on any tablet or cell phone easy choose the world’s most well-known and powerful mobile spy application. TheTruthSpy is the easiest and fastest way to monitor someone’s electronic devices.

Compatibility of TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is completely compatible with all iOS and Android devices. You can find a convenient guide on the peculiarities of using the app on different operating systems on the installation pages for iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android. Notice that your target iOS devices must be jailbroken. It can control the proper work of the software. Your Android device should be rooted too.

Purposes of using TruthSpy

You can use TheTruthSpy for solving different problems in numerous situations. Here are the most important purposes of using phone spy app.

Parental control

child_mobile_phone_toyToday, thanks to rapid development of Internet, gadgets, phones, computers we can access all information in one instant. It is great. But at the same time, it can cause many dangerous situations. It particularly concerns our children. Minor kids have no experience and enough knowledge to protect themselves online. They are not able to select appropriate information, and they can be easily offended by other persons when they’re “online”. In fact, bullying is no longer limited to the school, cyber bullying is gaining momentum. Kids and young adults can become victims of cyber bullying, and it’s a great problem for their parents. Parents have to protect their children.

TheTruthSpy will help you to know all the truth about your child without any difficulties.  With its help, you will be able to control phone activities of your children and keep dangerous things away from them.

Monitoring employees

dreamstime_s_6695172TheTruthSpy can help you to prevent the leaking of confidential information and will enforce employees follow your company’s cell phone usage policy. With the help of this app, you will have an ability to make sure that your employees use corporate phones for business purposes. This will tell you whether your employees waste your resources which you spend on mobile usage or not. If you suspect your employees in contacting your competitors and disclosing confidential information, monitoring app will become a real helper too.

Spying on spouses

cheating-spouse-surveillanceSometimes our significant others can be overly secretive with their phones and tablets. In these cases, we can be jealous. And often it is quite justified. Our significant others and spouses may hide their secrets in SMS message, phone calls, emails, instant messages and chats on social networks, blogs, etc. And we want to know the truth to protect our relationships.

Functions of TheTruthSpy

thetruthspyTheTruthSpy provides many important and useful features. A complex set of monitoring functions can enable you to control someone’s phone or tablet and know all the secrets. With the help of this monitoring app, you will gain the complete access to all data that goes through the target phone and you will have an opportunity to control it remotely. The main features of TheTruthSpy are the next:

  • Spying on the GPS Location

With TheTruthSpy you have an ability to control the current GPS location of the target device. It will be displayed on the map by your request. It means that the app provides the opportunity to get timely information on the GPS location of the target phone;

  • Tracking Internet Activities

Using TheTruthSpy you will be able to check the history of visited websites using your control panel. You will have an ability to block websites which you determine as inappropriate;

  • Spying on SMS Messages

Control all sent and received messages with the help of phone monitoring app. It is important that you can also view messages that the phone owner deleted;

Control all accounts, chats, messages, photos, video and other media files which were sent using social networks;

  • Tracking Calls

You can control the call logs of incoming and outgoing calls using TheTruthSpy phone spy app. You will be aware of all details, such as contact names, time logs, call duration, etc.;

  • Monitoring Multimedia Files

TheTruthSpy enables you to control all media files stored in the phone’s memory, such as photos, audio files, screenshots, video files, voice memos, etc.;

  • Managing Notes, Events, and Reminders

Copies of all notes, reminders and events that were scheduled by the owner of the target  phone will be sent to your control panel and you can manage them remotely;

  • Controlling Contacts

This option of the mobile surveillance application will give you an ability to view and manage all contacts and phone numbers.


TheTruthSpy is a great tool for parental control, monitoring employees and significant others. It gives complete access to the target phone and it will be so easy to control the device. Also, we would like to mention that TheTruthSpy monitoring application works in the stealth mode do it is 100% undetectable. The owner of the target phone will not notice it unless he knows exactly what to look for. The software runs in the background of the iOS or the Android operation system, so the only person who will be aware of monitoring is you.

So, TheTruthSpy is easy to use. You need to install the app on the target device and then you can start monitoring immediately. You can make your own, that monitoring process is easy and fast. TheTruthSpy gives you an opportunity to control all online and phone activities of the target phone.


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