webwatcherYou know that parental control is new today. Your children use their mobile phones not just for chatting but for sharing text messages, audio or video files with their friends too. In current times, you also have a possibility to use your mobile phone to control your loved ones. It is easy thanks to an excellent cell phone and computer monitoring app called WebWatcher. In this review, we will learn useful information about the application, find out what data you will get using it and check whether it is worth its money.

What is Webwatcher?

It is an excellent software product allowing you to keep tabs on your children that definitely conceal anything from you, your colleagues or employees, or even spouses. All this you may do remotely! So, let’s get into the secrets of operating this application.

These days, each conscious parent should control the use of mobile devices by their kids. By doing so, you’ll protect them from inappropriate content and online predators. Modern technologies are rapidly developing, and WebWatcher allows you to make use of them.

Moreover, it can be your secret bug, installed on the mobile phone, tablet or computer of the target person. This bug will give you lots of useful information.

Compatibility of WebWatcher

One of the greatest benefits of this app is its compatibility. Reviewing against similar software products, this one is worthy because it fits all types of users. WebWatcher can easily run on devices based on the following operating systems:

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS

It is a real benefit because mostly spy applications are compatible with either iOS or Android based devices. So, if you choose WebWatcher, you can be sure that this app will run on any device, the jailbreak isn’t required.

Basic Monitoring Options

webwatcherAs well as any other similar spy app, WebWatcher has its specific features. It allows parents to keep tabs on the Internet activity of their kids. The app will easily record every website the target person browses. You will have access to all programs installed on the computer, tablet or mobile phone of your employees, loved ones or kids. WebWatcher records email conversations and chats in social networking sites like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, SnapChat or Kik. Except for this, the application also can easily record keystrokes and even snap periodic screenshots.

Those who use the app can define several profiles with different settings. It is a very suitable option. For example, if you have only one computer in your family, you can create a parent profile. Just switch off all monitoring options when you need to use a device for your own purposes. WebWatcher runs without glitches, and switching between profiles is simple.

Notifications and Screenshots

The awareness of parents about the activities of their children can really help them avoid lots of troubles. Having installed the app, you may have no time to keep a check on all activities in a real-time mode. WebWatcher offers a fresh solution for you – notifications. Still, the app records all activities. Moreover, it notifies about specific activities of the target cell phone.

Any user may easily set the program according to his preferences, and the spying program will send him alerts in case children browse forbidden sites. The program aggregates these alerts every hour. You may set WebWatcher in the way, allowing you to receive immediate notifications. You will get a particular email, containing the information about any violation and a link. Just follow the link and see what websites your kids view.

WebWatcher offers an opportunity to define particular “alert words” in different categories. The application is prefigured. If you need to add personal information, (phone numbers, email or home address) you can easily do it.

It is also endowed with the Smart Camera option which makes screenshots of one or another program from time to time. By default, the spy app makes screenshots every 10 seconds. You are allowed to change these settings according to your needs.

Program Blocking Features

webwatcherIt is one of the primary options. The feature of Web content filtering is really useful. The spy app can define 35 website categories. When your kid, employee or the other person you control accesses a blocked website, he will get a notification that they can’t access this website because of restrictions.

Parents have a chance to limit the time their kids spend watching one or another cartoon or playing one or another computer game. To do this, you just need to define a special schedule. For instance, you may determine a particular amount of time per day your son or daughter can use one or another application. You may also limit the access to a device between 11 pm and 8 am.

How Does WebWatcher Work?

The installation procedure is simple. It takes less than 5 minutes of your time. To do it successfully, just follow the instructions:

  1. Signup. You need to purchase the subscription and install it on the required mobile device. Log in to the account with your email address and password.
  2. Monitor the activity. WebWatcher immediately starts monitoring the activity on a device. All reports are sent to the online account. You can easily view there the history of calls, information about all text messages, photos, and videos, browsed websites and so on.
  3. View remotely. You may login to the account and watch the tracked data. Do it from any device and any place, where there is the access to the Internet.


WebWatcher is a handy spying application, which can track any activity. You can install it stealthily and set the “alert words.” WebWatcher allows you to block the access to any content. It is an irreplaceable tool for those users whose overarching goal is to protect children from cyberbullying. It is an ideal application for spying because the targeted person will never guess that he is being monitored.

Share your spying experience in the comments below or find more useful tracking apps on our review page.


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