parental_control-appsThe ultimate iPhone hacking software for parents is Pumpic. It is the best hacking software that moms and dads can use to monitor their kids’ activities and whereabouts. Hacking into children’s mobile devices allows them to keep track of their activities so that they do not veer off and lose control. Technology has come along, and it has brought both good and bad. If not carefully monitored, the children might be exposed to many vices. Nowadays almost every teenager has a smartphone; as much as the phones make communication easier, you should protect your kids by using the Pumpic tracking software to hack into their mobile devices.

How the software for iPhone help parents monitor their kids


  1. Controlling mobile phone usage

The software spies incoming and outgoing calls on the iPhone, follows text messages which have been sent and received and the contacts in the smartphone. Once the parent has hacked into the mobile device using the spying software, they can monitor all the iPhone usage remotely without raising suspicion.

  1. Monitoring internet activity

Pumpic will keep track of the browsing history, monitoring social network and blocking inappropriate websites. This will ensure that the parent has complete control of what the kids are viewing or which sites they are visiting. The internet can mislead children especially teenagers who are quite explorative. Hacking into their internet activity will go a long way in preventing certain vices.

  1. Follow location and routes

Hacking into the iPhone of the children will enable the parent to track the current location of the mobile device each and every time. He/she will have knowledge of the whereabouts of their kids. Even if they switch off their smartphones, you will have the location of where the iPhone was before it was switched off.

These features listed above make Pumpic an ideal spy software for parents. They will be able to hack into their children’s phones and monitor them remotely.


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